Simple 7-Step Seasonal Fish Recipe

We know that some people are a little intimidated by the idea of cooking fish at home. Some think it’s too tricky to prepare, while others don’t know what fish is in season and what’ll taste the best right now, or they fear the fish may smell a little, you know, fishy. That’s why our seafood expert, Mike Kanter, developed a recipe that’s simple to make, works for almost any fish, and is oh-so delicious.

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Ora King Salmon with Tomatoes Recipe

If you’re a fan of salmon then you need to try the Ora King from the New Zealand King Salmon Company. This prized fillet is a rare luxury, making up less than one percent of the world’s salmon population. Our seafood expert, Mike Kanter, likes to cook them up in tin foil pouches to lock in all the succulent juices. Get Mike’s recipe after the jump.

Ora King Tin Foil

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Salt-Broiled Ora King Salmon Collars Recipe

Long revered by fisherman and chefs as the best part of the fish, the collar is cut from the fatty area right below the head. It has an exceptionally sweet and rich taste with a lusciously moist texture. Our seafood expert, Mike Kanter, likes to salt-broil the collar and serve with scallions. Get Mike’s recipe after the jump.
Salmon Collar

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Salmon Teriyaki Baked in Foil Packets Recipe

Salmon is widely popular not only for its great taste and health benefits, but also because of its versatility. In this recipe by acclaimed chef Rick Moonen, brand ambassador for FreshDirect’s salmon supplier True North, our flakey, tender fillets are drizzled in rich, tangy homemade teriyaki sauce and set on a leek salad bed.


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Pan-Roasted Salmon with Olive Oil Mashed Potatoes and Salsa Verde Recipe

You guys, it’s time to get serious about salmon. Rick Moonen, renowned chef and brand ambassador for FreshDirect’s salmon supplier, True North, has sent us a few of his favorite salmon recipes to share with our customers. This pan roasted salmon recipe is as delicious as it is nutritious and is the perfect dinner party dish to serve up for your foodie friends.


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