Black Heart Mug Cake with Avocado Whipped Cream

Indulge your chocolate craving with this delicious single-serving mug cake. Don’t worry, there won’t be leftovers to tempt you tomorrow—but you may be tempted to make another one. We recommend whipping this up on February 29—calories don’t count on Leap Day! Coupled with fluffy avocado whipped cream and topped with an olive oil drizzle, this mug cake is a total sweet-and-savory taste sensation. (Plus, chocolate and avocado are both aphrodisiacs so be consider making two or be ready to share.)

chocolate mug cake

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Chocolate-Dipped Potato Chips

Crunchy, chocolaty, salty, and sweet? This is the perfect snack for those looking to make something other than the typical chocolate strawberry. Plus, this treat is more versatile—you can either eat them right away, while the chocolate is still warm and melted, or you can chill them to save ’em for dessert. Sweet-and-salty lovers, rejoice!


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Spice Up Valentine’s Day with Chili-Chocolate Ice Cream

Spice up your Valentine’s dessert by topping it with an hot surprise—a chili pepper! Long considered an aphrodisiac due to how it can accelerate the pulse, chili with chocolate is the perfect unexpected pair to serve on your romantic night. Plus, this chili flavor is super easy to incorporate into any type of dessert. Find out how after the jump!

chili ice cream

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10 New Food Trends for 2016

There are some trends that no one is “too cool” to follow—like any trends involving delicious food. Surprising new flavors and ingredients will be emerging (or gaining popularity) this year, and you should be the first to know about them. Stay ahead of the crowd and keep an eye out for these 10 delicious new food trends.


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5 New Ways to Mac and Cheese

Nothing against classic mac, but macaroni and cheese can get a little boring. Step up your mac and cheese game with unique toppings, and serve them to your pals at your low-key NYE bash. We’re in love with what we’re calling The Meat Lover. Click through for four more unique (and very cheesy) macaroni dishes.

meat lovers mac cheese

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Chocolate and Pistachio Dipped Tangerine Slices

Citrus fruits make healthy snacks during the cold winter months. In this easy recipe, we used extra-sweet tangerine segments (in this case, super-seasonal and delicious Satsuma tangerines) and added decadent chocolate and salty pistachios to kick them up a notch. They’re a fun dessert to prepare with your kids and make a great party snack!


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Perfect Food Pairs: These Flavors Are Even Better Together

Peanut butter + jelly—both ingredients are great alone, but they’re a little more special when they’re together. In honor of the Month of Love, we asked the food experts around FreshDirect to share a few of their favorite combinations. What’s great on its own, but amazing when paired with a food friend? Let’s start with a few of my own perfect pairs after the jump!


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