3 Spooky Spirits for Halloween

Our pal Prairie Rose, the spirits genius behind Bit By a Fox, created these three original cocktails just in time for Halloween. Not a fan of All Hallows’ Eve? These will quench your thirst all fall long. After the jump, learn how to create this spiced margarita and two other aperitifs.

spiced cider margarita blog

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Bai Jamaica Blood Orange Breeze

Get ready for a Halloween cocktail recipe that’s a little bit creepy but totally delicious. The Bai bubbles gives your first sip a nice little fizz, while the cranberry juice gives the drink a hint of tartness without letting the orange become overwhelming. What else is in this? Get the recipe after the jump!

bai jamaican blood orange breeze

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5 Twists on the Classic Bloody Mary

Sunday brunch never tastes better than when it’s all washed down with a Bloody Mary—but variety is the spice of life, so why not shake things up a little the next time you get your boozy brunch on?

Bloody Mary Twists

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3 Can’t-Miss Beer Cocktails

Newsflash: It’s officially the summer of the beer cocktail. What’s a beer cocktail you might ask? Imagine your favorite drink with your favorite brew… plus a few splashes of your favorite liquor… and a few other special ingredients. All you need to know is that they are refreshing, easy to make, and perfect for those hot summer nights.

After the jump, learn how to craft you very own beer-tails.

Cider Dark and Stormy

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7 Ways to Use Grady’s Cold-Brew Coffee

On a hot summer day, nothing is better than waking up to some chilled Grady’s Cold-Brew coffee over ice. Born and bred in Brooklyn, Grady’s is made locally in small batches using a New Orleans-style blend that gives it its amazing flavor. Our friends at Grady’s have perfected the cold cup of joe, and this amazing coffee concentrate isn’t only limited to being poured over ice—check out these 7 new ways to try Grady’s Cold-Brew from the folks at Grady’s after the jump.
 gradys cold brew post

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Black Cherry Smash Cocktail Recipe from Bai

It’s cherry season, and our friends at Bai shared a refreshing cocktail recipe that fuses their new Bai Bubbles Bolivia Black Cherry—which combines flavor of perfectly-picked black cherries, natural sweetness, and crisp carbonation—with fresh fruit. Perfect for a hot summer day. Read more for the delicious recipe.


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Summer Cocktail Recipes by Prairie Rose

Summer is all about adventure and exploration—so why keep making the same old cocktails? Start your exploration with these three recipes, all of which add an exciting twist to the classics. Created by our friend Prairie Rose, the writer and mixologist behind Bit by a Fox, these amazing cocktails are sure to impress at your next summer get-together!


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