Spring Zing! Soft-Shell Crab Sandwich Recipe

Some people are a little hesitant to try soft-shell crab because you can eat the whole thing (minus the lungs and eyes of course), but our Seafood Merchant, Michael Kanter, knows a thing or two about yummy crustaceans and the soft-shell crab is one of his favorites. And although they can be enjoyed in a variety of ways, Mike thinks the best way to enjoy them is in a sandwich with a little spicy mayo.

Soft-shell crab sandwich

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Cornmeal-Crusted Soft-Shell Crab Recipe

Soft-shell crabs are back in season! Here our Seafood Merchant, Michael Kanter, shares his cornmeal-crusted soft-shell crab recipe. And if that doesn’t sound delicious enough already, Mike’s paired it with his special spring vegetable slaw and ravishing ramp pesto. Is anybody else drooling over their keyboard?

Cornmeal-crusted soft-shell crab

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Scallop & Snap Peas Recipe

Let’s take a moment to consider and celebrate peas. Did you know that the garden pea has been around since 4800 BC? There’s a good reason peas have stood the test of time, because they’ve stood the taste of time too. They’re just so darn delicious! And they go with almost anything. In this recipe (or recipea, if you will) our Seafood Merchant, Michael Kanter, has paired peas with halibut and scallops. Check it out!


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Fresh Adventure: Wild Alaskan Salmon Run

Our fish team recently headed out to sea in Alaska to learn about the local fish species. In addition to catching a 45 lb king salmon (the largest catch of the day!), the team landed halibut, Alaskan red snapper, and cod. Our Senior Fish Buyer, Mike Kanter, shared his first-hand fresh adventure with us below:

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Men’s Health Recipes

Celebrate National Men’s Health Week with these Men’s Health® approved recipes to kick off a week of eating right. And don’t forget to shop our list of healthy ingredients for the man in your life.

Herb‑Roasted Chicken

Men’s Health

Keep the crunch of fried chicken without piling on the calories. The secret to super-crisp roast chicken skin: giving the bird a good rubdown. Cook this recipe on a Sunday and carry the leftovers into the week—the meat makes a great chicken salad for sandwiches….

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