Video: Plum Cornbread Recipe with Chef Anne Burrell

Be prepared to knock your own socks off. Made in a cast iron skillet and topped with a scoop of ice cream, this just may be your new favorite dessert. Don’t love plums? Substitute with your favorite fruit! Check out Chef Anne Burrell’s recipe and how-to video after the jump.331A0819-RT-V2

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Video: Hail to the Kale Caesar Salad Recipe with Chef Anne Burrell

Kale salad with homemade dressing and croutons?! This recipe will seriously up your kale game. Serve this as a side to your lobster or for non-lobster lovers, simply add rotisserie chicken, salmon, or steak to make this salad a meal. Check out Chef Anne Burrell’s recipe and how-to video after the jump.
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Video: Grilled Corn, Bacon, Cherry Tomatoes, and Chile Crostini Recipe

Bacon makes everything taste better and this combo is no exception. This is perfect as an appetizer served on top of grilled bread, or forget the bread and enjoy as a side dish. Check out Chef Anne Burrell’s recipe and how-to video after the jump.
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Video: Girl Chef Grilled Lobster Recipe

Want to up your lobster fireworks factor? This is the recipe for you. Simple to make and insanely delicious to eat, this grilled lobster stuffed with shrimp, corn, and tomatoes will wow your crowd. Check out Chef Anne Burrell’s recipe and how-to video after the jump.
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Get Creative with Muffin Tops

muffin_topWe all know that the top of the muffin is the most delicious part. Whether coated in cinnamon sugar, caked with crumble, or deliciously crisped and brown, the muffin top gives the whole muffin that special something. Some people save the top for last while others don’t even bother baking the bottom half and use muffin top tins instead. So why not take it to the next level? Here are some ideas to make the muffin top even better. Continue reading

Plan Your Lunch Combinations

turkeyandcheeseBack to school means back to packing lunches. It can be a struggle to find delicious and nutritious solutions that give kids the energy they need to get through the school day. We love the idea of spinning the popular lunchable or bento-box style into an easy do-it-yourself lunch by breaking up what you need into sections. Below are some of our favorite examples of lunch pairings to help you get inspiredand they’re not just for kids! Continue reading

Give Sandwiches a New Spin

pb&jSandwiches are a back-to-school classic: they’re easy to make and easier to pack. There are millions of ways to spice up your sandwich, from switching up the breads and the condiments, and getting crafty with your fillings. Our sandwich solutions are sure to keep your lunch bag looking different every day, for both the office and the classroom. Continue reading

Fun Greek Yogurt Dips and Dippers

greekyogurtGreek yogurt is more than breakfast food. We love using it a creamy sour cream alternative for a base. From breakfast to an after-school snack, Greek yogurt can be a savory or sweet dip with an infinite number of dipper options. (OK, maybe not infinite…)

Read beyond the jump for breakfast and lunch pairings as well as dip and dipper combos we love.
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