Celebrate Love All Month Long!

  • Black Heart Mug Cake with Avocado Whipped Cream
  • Make a Chocolate Stout and Ice Cream Float
  • Romantic Pomegranate Aril Heart Ice Cubes
  • Egg-and-Tot Brunch Pizza
  • Chocolate-Dipped Potato Chips
  • Your Guide to Aphrodisiacs, Part 2

Top 10 President’s Picks: Highlights from February 4-10

Every week, we put out a new list of President’s Picks—it’s a collection of our best offerings, from peak-season produce to must-have grocery brands, all curated by our in-house experts and merchants (and all at reduced prices!). A team from across the company gathers in a room to discuss and sample the spread, sharing what…

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chocolate mug cake

Black Heart Mug Cake with Avocado Whipped Cream

Indulge your chocolate craving with this delicious single-serving mug cake. Don’t worry, there won’t be leftovers to tempt you tomorrow—but you may be tempted to make another one. We recommend whipping this up on February 29—calories don’t count on Leap Day! Coupled with fluffy avocado whipped cream and topped with an olive oil drizzle, this mug cake…

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chocolate stout float

Make a Chocolate Stout and Ice Cream Float

While beer and ice cream may seem like an odd couple, they are actually the perfect pair. When you mix a dark chocolate stout with thick, creamy mint chip ice cream, the result is frothy perfection. This adult beer float is the best dessert for the end of a long day!

pom aril hearts

Romantic Pomegranate Aril Heart Ice Cubes

Pomegranates are known for their sweet-tart flavor, their vibrant red color, and their high levels of antioxidants. But many do not know that they are also aphrodisiacs—so why not use them whenever you can this Valentine’s Day? We made these delicious heart ice cubes to give a romantic spin on our on-the-rocks cocktails. Find out how to make…

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breakfast brunch pizza

Egg-and-Tot Brunch Pizza

Nothing says “I love you” more than a homemade brunch! Whether you’re celebrating Galentine’s Day or having a Valentine’s Day brunch date, surprise the people you love with this delicious brunch pizza. If you’re feeling inventive, you can even shape your dough into a heart. Find the recipe after the jump.


Chocolate-Dipped Potato Chips

Crunchy, chocolaty, salty, and sweet? This is the perfect snack for those looking to make something other than the typical chocolate strawberry. Plus, this treat is more versatile—you can either eat them right away, while the chocolate is still warm and melted, or you can chill them to save ’em for dessert. Sweet-and-salty lovers, rejoice!


Your Guide to Aphrodisiacs, Part 2

This month, love is in the air…and in the food! Some foods, called aphrodisiacs, have special elements that are said to enhance your romantic desires. (Read more about the history here.) Why not serve a few this Valentine’s night? Learn about some of the most popular after the jump.


Spice Up Valentine’s Day with Chili-Chocolate Ice Cream

Spice up your Valentine’s dessert by topping it with an hot surprise—a chili pepper! Long considered an aphrodisiac due to how it can accelerate the pulse, chili with chocolate is the perfect unexpected pair to serve on your romantic night. Plus, this chili flavor is super easy to incorporate into any type of dessert. Find out how after the jump!


Sweet and Savory Cupid’s Breakfast Croissants

If you’re looking to do something different for V-Day breakfast, this sweet and savory croissant is sure to put hearts in your eyes. A mix of sticky preserves and honey (an aphrodisiac!), salty ricotta, and our bakery’s multi-grain croissants, it’s a rich and creamy way to start the day!

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Three-Cheese Pepperoni Pizza Dip

Instead of just having a classic appetizer like guacamole, you can take your party to the next level by mixing together everyone’s two favorite things: pizza and dip. Made with three different cheeses, your guests might forget all about the small talk because they’ll be too busy stuffing their faces. Keep scrolling for the recipe.


Wings on a Stick: Buffalo Chicken and Blue Cheese Bites

Impress your party guests by taking a typical snack to the next level. Buffalo wings and blue cheese are the perfect way to fuel the fun, and these wings on a stick make it easy to get the perfect bite every time. We guarantee your version will be Instagrammable!

thumbnail (1)

Make Seasonal Beer and Cider Cocktails

Growing in popularity for a few years, cider is now everywhere. So, it’s time to hop on the beer and cider mix bandwagon by sweetening up your party’s beverage selection. Offering your guests a beer and cider cocktail—or a B & C—is a great way to elevate the party and give guests a fresher option. Plus,…

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S’mores Bites for Your Hungry Crowd

Game day is known for all of its savory snacks, but what about all of those sweet-toothed fans? With only three ingredients and easy prep, these bites are the perfect shareable sweet. Make sure to make extra because your guests will surely keep coming back for s’more!


Meet the Producer: Roberta’s Pizza

We always love visiting the local artisans and producers that we work with, but we were especially excited when our friends at Roberta’s invited us to watch them fire up some pizzas in Brooklyn. Because…pizza. Read about our trip after the jump.


What 100-Calorie Servings Actually Look Like

Why buy a hundred-calorie pack of cookies when you could have 100 calories worth of something more filling and fresh? The key to sticking to your health goals is knowing your portions and your limits—but finding a hundred-calorie snack doesn’t need to be limiting! Once you know what 100 calories of a nutritious snack really looks…

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Start Your Year with a Lunch Challenge

Looking to cook more in the new year? It’s a great way to save money and know exactly what you’re eating. If you work in an area with lots of food and restaurants at your disposal, lunch can be the most tempting meal of the day. Here at FreshDirect HQ, we started a lunch challenge…

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egg salad cups 0649

Bacon Sriracha Egg Salad

Bacon? Sriracha? Egg Salad? Oh my! Say goodbye to boring desk lunches. Traditional egg salad is egg-ceptional on its own, but the addition of spicy sriracha and crispy bacon really takes it to the next level—plus, it is made with non-fat Greek yogurt. This easy, delicious, and healthy-ish take on egg salad is a perfect way…

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