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12 Recommended Reds (For Any Budget)


You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy wine, and that’s kind of the same thing, right? Whether your weekly wine budget is $10 or $100, we’ve got some great deals on some fabulous reds this week. Our wine merchant, Rodolphe Boulanger, gave us his top 12 recommendations from our cellar sale. ...

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6 Red-Carpet-Worthy Quick Dishes for Your Oscar Party

20140219 awards night7177

Throwing a successful Oscar night party doesn't need to mean an epic battle between cooking and cleaning. We’ve got some quick and easy dish ideas that can add some A-list glitz to your superstar spread without meaning you spend all night behind-the-scenes. So roll out the red carpet, gather your film-loving friends, and throw an Oscar party worthy of a Best Host nomination. ...

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A Seasonal Guide to Enjoying Vegetables


Is asparagus at its tastiest steamed or sautéed? And does it have more flavor in the summer or spring? So many questions, so many vegetables, so little time. But help is finally here in the form of this at-a-glance guide to enjoying vegetables from Cook Smarts. It lists all of your favorite vegetables (in alphabetical order), lets you know when they're in season, and tells you the best way to cook them! Improving your veggie vocab has never been ...

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A Lesson in Aphrodisiacs from Francine Segan


It's been rumored that some foods have the ability to put hearts in your eyes. We talked to Francine Segan, one of America's foremost experts on Italian cuisine, a noted food historian, and James Beard-nominated author of six books including Dolci: Italy's Sweets and Pasta Modern, and asked her to share her knowledge of aphrodisiacs just in time for our annual Month of Love. Learn more about how to add sparks to your V-Day after the jump. ...

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Top Sirloin Filets with Italian Salsa Verde Recipe


Nothing says "I love you" like a hearty home-cooked meal. Impress your valentine (or pal-entine!) by serving up this lean beef feast from the Beef Checkoff. If you're anything like us, you're probably feeling pretty saucy this month, and this Italian salsa verde is the perfect beef complement to spice up your romantic evening. ...

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Perfect Food Pairs: These Flavors Are Even Better Together


Peanut butter + jelly—both ingredients are great alone, but they’re a little more special when they’re together. In honor of the Month of Love, we asked the food experts around FreshDirect to share a few of their favorite combinations. What’s great on its own, but amazing when paired with a food friend? Let’s start with a few of my own perfect pairs after the jump! ...

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3-Ingredient Turkey Sliders


Want to take your game-day snacks to the next level without a lot of effort? These hearty turkey meatball sliders could not be easier. With virtually no prep and only three ingredients, you can have these little bits of heaven ready for your guests in just minutes. But be warned... these sliders are so delicious you just might have to make more during halftime. ...

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Cook Up a Football You Can Eat

football pizza

Don't know what a blitz is? That's okay, neither do we. But we know food! Impress your guests with your game-day spirit and make this football-inspired pizza for your football party. Make your pizza from scratch, or even easier, use a frozen pizza and let the kids add pepperoni and mozzarella. You're gonna want to yell TOUCHDOWN when you take this pizza out of the oven. ...

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Individual 7-Layer Dip Party Cups


Don't make your guests fight over dip! Avoid the dreaded double dipper, the dip hog, and the bottom scraper with these easy individual 7-layer dip cups. Fun to assemble with kids and even more fun to eat, these cups are the perfect snack for any party occasion. Try out our recipe below or mix and match your favorite ingredients to make an epic combination. ...

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Different Dippers: Healthier Alternatives for Dipping


I don’t know if it’s the salt, the crunch, or the grease, but I cannot resist a good chip. And if there’s dip… well you better watch out, because I’m gonna dip that whole bag. If you’re like me and have no willpower when it comes to chips, you may be on the lookout for dipping alternatives. ...

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Say Yes to Pinot


We love Pinot Noir and so do you! This classic red was our customers’ favorite type of wine in 2014. To celebrate, we’ve put 20 of our favorite Pinot Noirs on sale this week. Our Wine Merchant Rodolphe Boulanger offers some Pinot info in an informal Q&A after the jump. ...

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