Ideas to Go Forth and Summer!

  • How to Set Up a Patriotic Produce Platter
  • A New Way to Ice Cube
  • Red, White, and Pizza
  • Pepsi-Marinated New York Strip Steak Recipe
  • 5 Ways to Use Avocados

Top 10 President’s Picks: Highlights from July 2 to July 8

Every week, we put out a new list of President’s Picks—it’s a collection of our best offerings, from peak-season produce to must-have grocery brands, all curated by our in-house experts and merchants (and all at reduced prices!). A team from across the company gathers in a room to discuss and sample the spread, sharing what…

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The Fat Jewish

Yes Way, White Girl Rosé!

The wait is over. White Girl Rosé is now available at FreshDirect Wines & Spirits! This delicious California rosé is brought to you by our new BFFs, The Fat Jew and Babe Walker. We’re so excited that we literally can’t even. Even better? The Fat Jew and Babe Walker have put together a list of their favorite…

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red white blue fruit

How to Set Up a Patriotic Produce Platter

The kid in you is about to have a field day because we’re giving you an excuse to play with your food. If you’re planning a backyard BBQ, Fourth of July picnic, or just need a patriotic dish to snack on this weekend, why not set it up in the shape of a flag? You’ll be…

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Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 5.08.20 PM

A New Way to Ice Cube

It’s hot and you deserve a cold drink. The problem? Plain ice cubes are so 2014. This year it’s all about the fruit cubes. (Remember our watermelon ice recipe? Life changing.) These berry wonderful cubes can be made with your favorite fruit, but we thought it would be a crime not to make them red, white, and…

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red white blue pizza

Red, White, and Pizza

If you didn’t think pizza could be your next go-to food for your Fourth of July BBQ, think again. This version has everything that makes pizza great—an entire bag of cheese, golden crust, and bacon—and nothing that makes pizza awful (which is nothing). Even better: It looks like an American Flag. God bless America, indeed.  


5 Ways to Use Avocados

What’s not to love about avocados? They’re creamy, they make mouthwatering guacamole, and they’re impressively versatile. Our partners at Avocados from Mexico had five ideas for maximizing your avocado love and making every meal avocontrol.

Tiesta Tea

Make Iced Tea at Home with Tiesta Tea’s New Fun Flavors

Nothing quenches your thirst like a cold glass of freshly brewed iced tea. We’ve partnered with our friends at Tiesta Tea to bring flavorful and vibrant loose-leaf tea to your front door this summer. Click through to find out how to brew your own iced tea at home plus some creative recipes!

Stone fruit

6 Simple Ways to Enjoy Seasonal Stone Fruit

Juicy peaches, sweet plums, and perfectly plump cherries—we can’t get enough of our fresh stone fruit. What’s stone fruit, you might ask? It’s a fruit with edible flesh that encloses a stone or shell; it’s currently in season and ready for eating! And if you’re looking for recipe inspiration, check out some of our simple…

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Why We’re Going Nuts for Harmless Harvest

If you thought the coconut water craze was over, think again, because this potassium-packed drink is just getting started. And our friends at Harmless Harvest have upped the game with their 100% raw coconut water with fair trade coffee. We simply LOVE it. And we love them. Read more to learn why.


FreshDirect Partners with (RED)

Red isn’t just a color—it’s also one of the leading organizations supporting the fight against AIDS. And for the second year in a row, FreshDirect is joining that fight. Even better: You can, too.

yogurt blueberry chocolate popsicle

DIY Popsicles

There’s no doubt about it: It’s officially popsicle season. And what better way to celebrate the warmer weather (and wow your friends) than with your very own homemade versions?

salad jars

On-The-Go Salad Jars

You probably already know that putting your salad in a mason jar is the thing to do. But what you may not know is just how easy and how portable these jars can be.

smoothie bowls

Make Your Own Smoothie Bowls

We do things a little bit differently here at FreshDirect, and by differently we mean we drink gazpacho out of bottles and eat our smoothies in bowls. But if Instagram has taught us anything, it’s that styling a smoothie bowl is actually way trendier than eating a smoothie.