Ideas to Go Forth and Summer!

  • How to Eat Authentically Al Fresco
  • Seasonal Highlights of Family Tree Farms Stone Fruit
  • 7 Ways to Use Grady’s Cold-Brew Coffee
  • Black Cherry Smash Cocktail Recipe from Bai
  • Summer Cocktail Recipes by Prairie Rose

Top 10 President’s Picks: Highlights from July 30 to August 5

Every week, we put out a new list of President’s Picks—it’s a collection of our best offerings, from peak-season produce to must-have grocery brands, all curated by our in-house experts and merchants (and all at reduced prices!). A team from across the company gathers in a room to discuss and sample the spread, sharing what…

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no bake cookies 3

6 Simple No-Bake Desserts

We get it, it’s hot. But that’s no excuse to avoid enjoying delicious homemade treats. Lucky for you, these desserts don’t require a oven. Cool! (Ha-ha.) When looking for a beat-the-heat summer treat, social media manager Amanda Hawkins chooses this family recipe every time. Learn how to make your own chocolatey, peanut buttery cookies (and more!) after the…

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altobelli corn

Meet the Farmer: Altobelli Family Farm

Fresh corn is, to me, the ultimate summertime treat. Nothing quite captures the season like biting into a hot ear of just-cooked sweet corn, dressed with a little butter and a sprinkle of salt. So when I was asked to visit Altobelli Family Farms, our main supplier of local corn, I was all ears…

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 2.22.25 PM

Interview with Forager Tama Matsuoka Wong

To suggest that Tama Matsuoka Wong has many strings to her bow is to engage in grand understatement. She is, in no particular order, a professional forager, weed eater, meadow doctor, corporate lawyer, and mother of three. Her company, Meadows and More, supplies wild and foraged plants to restaurants and food companies all over New…

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How to Eat Authentically Al Fresco

Never heard of al fresco dining? Translating to “in the open air,” an al fresco meal is like an upscale picnic outdoors with an array of delicious Italian snacks for sharing—and who doesn’t love an Italian picnic? Our Specialty Merchant Ken put together his favorite picks for eating al fresco. Read on for tips on hosting…

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Meet the Makers: Wandering Bear Cold Brew

“The wandering bear is my spirit animal,” says Wandering Bear cofounder Ben Gordon as he welcomes the FreshDirect team to his small factory in Queens. “I always knew I wanted to start a company called Wandering Bear, I just didn’t know what it was I was going to sell.” Thankfully for iced coffee fans that…

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Seasonal Highlights of Family Tree Farms Stone Fruit

It’s stone fruit season—and it’s short-lived so get in on this fast! So what the cherry plumcot is a stone fruit anyway? Simply put, it’s a fruit with edible flesh that encloses a stone or shell. They come in hybrid varieties too, which our partners at Family Tree Farms have blended together into fruits that…

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Organic Valley Farmer Story

Meet the Farmer: Organic Valley’s Grass-Fed Milk Farms

We made a trip upstate to Canastota, NY with our friends at Organic Valley to check out two of their family-run farms producing milk for Organic Valley’s brand new line of grass-fed cow milk. We learned a lot, we ate a lot, and we made friends with so many cows. Read on for the scoop!

gradys cold brew post

7 Ways to Use Grady’s Cold-Brew Coffee

On a hot summer day, nothing is better than waking up to some chilled Grady’s Cold-Brew coffee over ice. Born and bred in Brooklyn, Grady’s is made locally in small batches using a New Orleans-style blend that gives it its amazing flavor. Our friends at Grady’s have perfected the cold cup of joe, and this amazing coffee concentrate isn’t only…

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Black Cherry Smash Cocktail Recipe from Bai

It’s cherry season, and our friends at Bai shared a refreshing cocktail recipe that fuses their new Bai Bubbles Bolivia Black Cherry—which combines flavor of perfectly-picked black cherries, natural sweetness, and crisp carbonation—with fresh fruit. Perfect for a hot summer day. Read more for the delicious recipe.


Summer Cocktail Recipes by Prairie Rose

Summer is all about adventure and exploration—so why keep making the same old cocktails? Start your exploration with these three recipes, all of which add an exciting twist to the classics. Created by our friend Prairie Rose, the writer and mixologist behind Bit by a Fox, these amazing cocktails are sure to impress at your next summer get-together!

burger patties

Our 3 Brand New Patties Make the Ultimate Burger

There’s a new burger in town—three actually. The Three Amigos, the Triple Crown, Hanson… it’s no secret that all good things come in threes. So when our meat experts decided to craft a new beef burger, they acknowledged that three is indeed the magic number and set to work on a trilogy of premium patties…

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Caleb's Kola Cocktail

Bourbon and Caleb’s Kola Cocktail Recipe

There is little better in life than enjoying a glass of whisky on the rocks after a long day, but if you’re looking for some variety from the traditional, our friends at Caleb’s Kola have sent us a bourbon and kola recipe that is a must-try.