Fun Greek Yogurt Dips and Dippers

greekyogurtGreek yogurt is more than breakfast food. We love using it a creamy sour cream alternative for a base. From breakfast to an after-school snack, Greek yogurt can be a savory or sweet dip with an infinite number of dipper options. (OK, maybe not infinite…)

Read beyond the jump for breakfast and lunch pairings as well as dip and dipper combos we love.

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8 Family-Friendly Ways To Enjoy More Vegetables

Vegetables and Quinoa

Fill your plate with Vegetables and Whole Grains like Quinoa and Brown rice!

It’s the perfect time to size up our plates and ask, “Is my plate in shape?” “Is half of it filled with fruits and vegetables?” Nutrient-packed, vitamin-rich foods like vegetables are essential for healthy adults and kids alike. Try these family-friendly ways to enjoy more vegetables. It can be easy. It can be delicious. It can be fresh and healthy.


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Mix It Up Mexi!

tacodipEveryone loves Mexican food. While we always look forward to Taco Tuesday, we like to mix things up. Get inspired for your next fiesta with our fresh ideas on the Mexican meal. Don’t forget, you can shop while you recipe hop by using the new Popcart bookmarklet. (Looking for shortcuts? Check out our Mexican Four-Minute Meals and Sides. They’re super authentic and cheesy. Yum!)… 

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3 Easy DIY Juice Recipes


Easy DIY juices

Making raw, fresh vegetable and fruit juices using a home juice extractor is all the rage these days. For first timers, it can seem time consuming, labor intensive, and extremely intimidating, especially because of its association with juice fast diets and cleansing regiments.

But actually, juicing occasionally when you feel like it and purely for the pleasure of experimenting and trying delicious juices can be a really fun, creative activity. And with the help of FreshDirect, juicing can actually be way more convenient than its reputation would lead you to believe.

This week I made three juices that totally rocked my world. FreshDirect makes it so easy to get your hands on tons of fresh, high-quality produce without having to step foot in a grocery store and schlep everything back to your kitchen.  And as you’ll see, some of the produce comes already cut and washed!  If you own a juicer or have access to one, you should definitely give these recipes a try.  Happy juicing!… 

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