Light Up Your Hanukkah!

  • Insanely Easy Two-Ingredient Cheese Dreidels
  • An Elegant Edible Menorah
  • A Mouthwatering Egg and Cheese Latke Sandwich
  • DIY Dipping Bar for Your Next Party
snowman pizza square

How to Make an Adorable Snowman Pizza

Forget the Abominable Snowman! This year it’s all about the Adorable Snowman. This four-ingredient pizza is perfect for holiday dinner parties or just for snacking on any time. Because pizza.

christmas tree fruit cheese square

Create a Christmas Tree Cheese Platter

You don’t need a lot of Christmas creativity to make the easiest festive appetizer platter ever. Yes—ever! Swap out red for green grapes and pepper jack cheese for your other favorite, and you’ve got a unique platter. It’s pretty, it’s easy, and it’s full of cheese. What more could you want?

santa bananas

Three-Ingredient Santa Bananas

Saint Nick never looked so good. These skewers are great as appetizers, desserts, for after school, or as a good-for-you late-night snack. It is chock-full of fruit after all! Also, saying “Santa Bananas” is just too. Much. Fun. Go ahead! Try saying it three times fast.

hershey reeses pretzel cookies

Hershey’s “Holiday in Your Mouth” Cookie

We’re calling these cookies a Holiday in Your Mouth, but they could also be called Everything But the Kitchen Sink. Why? Because they are full of all of the best ingredients—chocolate chips, Reese’s chips, and pretzels. Just try not to eat the dough before you actually bake them—we failed miserably.

hersheys thumbprint cookies

Traditional Hershey’s Peanut Butter Blossom Cookies

These peanut butter and chocolate kiss cookies are a classic for a reason. Partly because they combine the two best cookie ingredients known to bakers everywhere—peanut butter and chocolate—and partly because they’re so easy to make… and eat. Make a batch of boring chocolate chip cookies for Santa and save these for your own personal stash. You…

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Chocolate Salami

Chocolate “Salami” Recipe

Yes, you read the title correctly. Our friend and esteemed food historian, Francine Segan, used some handcrafted Falanga cookies to make this unique and delicious salame al cioccolato that’s sure to wow guests at your next dinner party. Get the recipe after the jump.


5 New Ways to Enjoy Traditional Panettone

One of our favorite things about the holiday season here at FreshDirect is feasting on panettone. Happily, our friend and esteemed food historian, Francine Segan, shares this sentiment too! After discovering our mutual passion for panettone, Francine sent us her five favorite ways to enjoy this traditional Italian cake.


Get a New Freebie Every Week in December

Surprise! Every week in December we’re giving away a different delicious product for FREE. Consider it a random act of freshness. Just visit every Monday, and on the homepage you’ll find a link to our freebie page with the item of that week. Add the item to your cart and place your order of…

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Chocolate and Pistachio Dipped Tangerine Slices

Citrus fruits make healthy snacks during the cold winter months. In this easy recipe, we used extra-sweet tangerine segments (in this case, super-seasonal and delicious Satsuma tangerines) and added decadent chocolate and salty pistachios to kick them up a notch. They’re a fun dessert to prepare with your kids and make a great party snack!

Wells Homestead

Meet the Farmer: Wells Homestead Acres

On a recent trip out to Long Island to visit some of our favorite producers, we stopped by Wells Homestead to say hello to our good friend Lyle Wells — an 11th generation family-farmer who’s been growing for FreshDirect since 2005. Lyle kindly obliged us with a quick tour of the farm. Learn more about…

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veggie menorah

An Elegant Edible Menorah

Throwing a Hanukkah party? Make your food part of the décor with a festive platter chock-full of veggies. Substitute radishes for cucumbers and add your favorite crunchy produce for a healthy yet totally gorgeous platter.

mashed potato bar

Make a Mashed Potato Bar

There are two type of people in this world: stuffing people and mashed potato people. If you’re the latter, prepare to have all of your ‘tater dreams come true. Mashed potatoes plus all of the toppings your taste buds could desire? What’s not to love! We think this would be the perfect way to top…

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mashed potato freezer

How to Store Leftover Mashed Potatoes

We’ve always had a soft spot for the microwave—hello, 4 Minute Meals!—but this new way to enjoy mashed potatoes just put it at the top of our BFF list. Learn how to store and enjoy your leftover Thanksgiving potatoes and gravy for a quick snack that might just be better than Thanksgiving dinner itself. A video posted…

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20141016 olio novello22530

Fresh Adventure: Watch the Video on How We Source Olio Novello

Our team of sourcing experts just got back from Sicily, where they celebrated the first harvest and press of the 2015 season, hand-picking our own custom blend of olives to make a unique olio novello (new oil) exclusive to FreshDirect. Ken, our specialty merchant, described this ready-to-use oil as “fresh, vibrant, and luscious.” This limited-time…

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pumpkin spice puppy chow

An Easy Pumpkin Spice Cereal Snack for Kids

Sometimes called puppy chow, other times called muddy buddies, this cereal snack is a sweet midwestern favorite for kids and adults alike. Traditionally served at parties throughout the year, this version gets a Thanksgiving kick with a sprinkle of pumpkin pie spice. Imagine this treat with a warm latte… Perfection!