Our 3 Brand New Patties Make the Ultimate Burger

There’s a new burger in town—three actually. The Three Amigos, the Triple Crown, Hanson… it’s no secret that all good things come in threes. So when our meat experts decided to craft a new beef burger, they acknowledged that three is indeed the magic number and set to work on a trilogy of premium patties (but unlike the Back to the Future trilogy, each burger is better than the last).

burger patties

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Meet the Farmer: Blue Island Oyster Company

Blue Island Oyster Company owner Chris Quartuccio first began digging for clams when he was 12. In 1995, he began scuba diving for natural oysters in the Long Island Sound and delivering them fresh every day to restaurants in New York City. Two decades later, the Blue Island Oyster Company is widely regarded as the number one shellfish distributor in the New York area after having become world-renowned for their famous Naked Cowboy oyster. Read more about our trip after the jump.

blue oyster island

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Tasting Notes from Oyster Expert Julie Qiu

Whether you’re an aficionado or newbie, oysters make a sophisticated addition to any dinner party. And while the essence of an oyster varies depending on where and how it’s grown, here are some general tasting notes from Julie Qiu, founder and author of In A Half Shell, a website dedicated to international oyster appreciation.


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Interview with Hint Water CEO Kara Goldin

We all know how important it is to drink water, but let’s be honest, plain old H2O can be a little, well, bland. Hint CEO Kara Goldin felt so strongly about this that just over a decade ago she left her job as an AOL executive and began developing a sugar-free water beverage that offered a healthier alternative to sodas and drinks infused with diet sweeteners. Click through to read our interview with Kara.


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