Meet the Farmer: Ocean Mist Farms

One of our favorite spring veggies is the Jumbo Heirloom Artichoke—otherwise known as the “Great-Grandaddy of Artichokes”—grown for us by our partners at Ocean Mist Farms. We went to visit Ocean Mist’s artichoke fields in California to learn more about the company’s history and how they grow their artichokes.

Ocean Mist

Image supplied by Ocean Mist Farms

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Pinot Mania! 7 Must-Try Pinot Picks

FreshDirect customers share our passion for Pinots, so we decided to celebrate our mutual love with a week of Pinot Mania! Our resident wine experts, Nicole and Rodolphe, have selected seven of their favorites, ranging from outstanding value to exceptional pedigree. Whether you’re looking for the perfect dinner pairing, or a bottle for romantic sharing, we’ve got the red or white pinot for you.


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Simple 7-Step Seasonal Fish Recipe

We know that some people are a little intimidated by the idea of cooking fish at home. Some think it’s too tricky to prepare, while others don’t know what fish is in season and what’ll taste the best right now, or they fear the fish may smell a little, you know, fishy. That’s why our seafood expert, Mike Kanter, developed a recipe that’s simple to make, works for almost any fish, and is oh-so delicious.

Snapper 1

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10 New Food Trends for 2016

There are some trends that no one is “too cool” to follow—like any trends involving delicious food. Surprising new flavors and ingredients will be emerging (or gaining popularity) this year, and you should be the first to know about them. Stay ahead of the crowd and keep an eye out for these 10 delicious new food trends.


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Water + Exercise = Happy Bodies

This unseasonably nice weather calls for two things: more water and more exercise. With temperatures still high enough to take a brisk walk, there’s no reason not to throw on a pair of sneakers and continue staying active. And while you’re at it, make sure that you stay hydrated. During the winter months, many people tend to forget that they still need to drink water. Find out why exercise is great for your overall health and how to stay hydrated after the jump.

garden salad freshdirect0261

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How to Eat Peak-Season Produce All Year Round

Do you ever wish you could use peak-season corn in a winter chili instead of the canned stuff? Good news! You can. Our friends at Hudson Valley Harvest are redefining the way we think about frozen food. They harvest fruit and veggies at peak-season before flash-freezing them to lock in the nutrients and great taste, meaning you can enjoy the best in fresh no matter the season.



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Revive Italian Dinner Parties with Pasta Cups

Preparing a dinner party for a room full of guests with different tastes? Our friend and esteemed food historian, Francine Segan, has the perfect solution: pasta cups! These nests of spaghetti are baked into bite-sized cups that can be topped with whatever sauce or topping your guests prefer. Get the recipe after the jump.

2_PastaCups copy

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