Top 10 President’s Picks: Highlights from February 4-10

Every week, we put out a new list of President’s Picks—it’s a collection of our best offerings, from peak-season produce to must-have grocery brands, all curated by our in-house experts and merchants (and all at reduced prices!). A team from across the company gathers in a room to discuss and sample the spread, sharing what makes every single item great—and we’re there taking notes on these insider tips. Check out this week’s highlights* after the jump!


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10 New Food Trends for 2016

There are some trends that no one is “too cool” to follow—like any trends involving delicious food. Surprising new flavors and ingredients will be emerging (or gaining popularity) this year, and you should be the first to know about them. Stay ahead of the crowd and keep an eye out for these 10 delicious new food trends.


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Water + Exercise = Happy Bodies

This unseasonably nice weather calls for two things: more water and more exercise. With temperatures still high enough to take a brisk walk, there’s no reason not to throw on a pair of sneakers and continue staying active. And while you’re at it, make sure that you stay hydrated. During the winter months, many people tend to forget that they still need to drink water. Find out why exercise is great for your overall health and how to stay hydrated after the jump.

garden salad freshdirect0261

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How to Eat Peak-Season Produce All Year Round

Do you ever wish you could use peak-season corn in a winter chili instead of the canned stuff? Good news! You can. Our friends at Hudson Valley Harvest are redefining the way we think about frozen food. They harvest fruit and veggies at peak-season before flash-freezing them to lock in the nutrients and great taste, meaning you can enjoy the best in fresh no matter the season.



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Revive Italian Dinner Parties with Pasta Cups

Preparing a dinner party for a room full of guests with different tastes? Our friend and esteemed food historian, Francine Segan, has the perfect solution: pasta cups! These nests of spaghetti are baked into bite-sized cups that can be topped with whatever sauce or topping your guests prefer. Get the recipe after the jump.

2_PastaCups copy

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Attention Pasta Lovers: Try Pasta Pretzel Sticks

Most of us agree that pasta is one of the most satisfying foods in the pantry. But why limit our pasta experiences to boiled bowls of noodles and baked trays of lasagna? Our good friend and food historian, Francine Segan, has introduced us to a whole new way to enjoy pasta: pasta pretzel sticks! And, yes, they’re even yummier than they sound.

1_Pasta Pretzel Sticks

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Traditional Napoli Christmas Eve Pasta Recipe

Christmas Eve should be about spending time with your family, not spending time in the kitchen. Our friend and esteemed food historian, Francine Segan, has sent us an effortlessly delicious traditional Christmas Eve dish from Naples that can be cooked up in minutes. Find the recipe after the jump.

1-Christmas Eve dish from Naples

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