3 Ways to Watermelon

There’s no summer fruit quite like the watermelon. It’s crisp, it’s refreshing, it’s super hydrating, and it doesn’t hurt that it tastes pretty darn good, too. But eating watermelon cubes is so summer 2014, which is why we decided to help you up your watermelon game with these awesome twists. Don’t blame us if you end up making these new creations every week this summer. Get the goods after the jump.

watermelon ice

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8 Fast and Delicious No-Cook Salads

While it’s true that cooked components can take your salad to the next level, you don’t always feel like sweating over a hot stove during the dog days of summer. And besides, the longer you’re in the kitchen, the less time you’re spending with the ones you love. Here are eight quick, simple, and most importantly, delicious salads that take just minutes to prepare.


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Spring Produce: What’s Good this Season?

Spring is finally here, and that means warmer climes, longer days, and a fresh crop of vegetables from which to choose. Eating seasonally means you’re cooking with the best, freshest, tastiest produce around. And nothing tastes better than that. Here are some of our favorite spring veggies with tips on how to use them:


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Seasonal Spring Sensations from Gotham Greens

Where others see city rooftops, Gotham Greens see fields. That’s why they built a 15,000 square-foot greenhouse on a Brooklyn rooftop. All of their produce is pesticide free and grown using ecologically sustainable methods. The result? Delicious locally grown greens all year-round. So we’re celebrating spring and the milder climes it brings by rustling up a citrus salad and a grapefruit-basil gin fizz using Gotham Greens.


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