Turmeric’s a Trendsetter: Try It in This Golden Rice Bowl

This year’s top trend might as well be nicknamed Midas, since everything it touches turns to gold. Not only does turmeric give dishes a vibrant yellow-gold color, but it also gives them a gold-medal-worthy flavor. And if you top it off with some hot sauce, you’ll create the most trendy combo of 2016. Find the recipe after the jump.


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Kitchen Sink Brownies

Salty and sweet go together like, well, salty and sweet. That’s why we’re obsessed with what we’re calling “Kitchen Sink Brownies” because they contain everything but the kitchen sink, including two of our favorite things: sweet chocolate and salty potato chips. Even better, you can add an endless number of salty and sweet combos, like white chocolate chips and pretzels. Intrigued? Get the recipe after the jump.

kitchen sink loaded brownies

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5 New Ways to Mac and Cheese

Nothing against classic mac, but macaroni and cheese can get a little boring. Step up your mac and cheese game with unique toppings, and serve them to your pals at your low-key NYE bash. We’re in love with what we’re calling The Meat Lover. Click through for four more unique (and very cheesy) macaroni dishes.

meat lovers mac cheese

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Loaded Tater Tot Nachos

Three words: Tater. Tot. Nachos. As much as we love tortilla chips, nothing beats the crispy crunch of biting into a deep-fried tater tot. Take them to the next level with your favorite nacho toppings. Think: cheese, sour cream, and spicy peppers. Fast. Easy. Tasty. And totally bad for you, but totally delicious.

tater tot nachos

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