Fresh Inspiration: DIY Flowers in a Cabbage Vase

Who says flowers have to be in a vase? Why not keep things natural by putting your arrangement in something else that grew in the ground? We think the green of a cabbage perfectly complements the bright colors of a bouquet because it reminds us of lush spring lawn grass. Read more to find out how to make a floral cabbage centerpiece.

Cabbage bouquet02179 SELECT

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Handy Hacks for Your Annual Spring Clean

Spring is finally here and that means it’s time to get your clean on, people! The crumbs under the couch, the cobwebs in the corner, the clutter in the closet…it all has to go. Sure, it may sound like a chore, but with a little music and the right attitude, a spring-cleaning session can be fun (plus, it’s a good way to burn off a few winter calories). The effects of a thorough clean are not just physical, but psychological, too. You’ll feel happier and be more productive in a cleaner space. So stop procrastinating and step to it!


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4 Simple & Stunning Centerpiece Ideas

Finally winter is behind us and spring has sprung! And nothing signifies spring more than a centerpiece bursting with bright colors. A beautiful centerpiece is a treat for the eyes, and you don’t need to be a professional to put something stunning together. Here are a few quick and easy ideas to inspire you:


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Perfect Food Pairs: These Flavors Are Even Better Together

Peanut butter + jelly—both ingredients are great alone, but they’re a little more special when they’re together. In honor of the Month of Love, we asked the food experts around FreshDirect to share a few of their favorite combinations. What’s great on its own, but amazing when paired with a food friend? Let’s start with a few of my own perfect pairs after the jump!


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3-Ingredient Turkey Sliders

Want to take your game-day snacks to the next level without a lot of effort? These hearty turkey meatball sliders could not be easier. With virtually no prep and only three ingredients, you can have these little bits of heaven ready for your guests in just minutes. But be warned… these sliders are so delicious you just might have to make more during halftime.


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