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As the chef who conceptualizes and creates all of our prepared foods, I love being able to touch so many people with what we do at FreshDirect. Having spent the majority of my career in fine dining restaurants in Manhattan gives me the advantage of knowing about the best possible ingredients. Having access to the great product here at FreshDirect means great foods are not far behind.


Fish Stew

Make Chef Tina's Spring Fish Soup at Home

I love to make fish soups and like with most things I cook, I try to let the ingredients dictate what I will be cooking. Recently, our fish department had some gorgeous red snapper so I went for it. I decided to combine my love for spice and Lebanese and Arabic cuisine to make up a fish soup.

Though this cuisine usually uses yogurt, I decide to use crème fraiche since yogurt is tricky and can easily curdle. Crème fraiche provides the tang and acid of the yogurt, with none of the complexity of dealing with the delicate cooking.

The beautiful thing about soup in general is that it is all about love- truly you can judge a good cook by their ability to make a soup (and a salad but that’s a different post!). Take the same care with soup as you would with anything you are cooking (ingredients, seasoning, doneness, viscosity, depth, etc.). Soups are generally NOT a quick thing to cook (be suspicious of soup recipes that equate quick with good), but the payout is generous, and usually worth at least two meals, depending on how many people you are feeding.

This recipe should feed about 6-8. (More…)

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