Cindy Chen

I may be from Texas, but living in NYC has taught me that you don’t need a big kitchen to make yummy food.  During the day, I work in the Marketing department. But in my spare time, I love having friends over for casual dinner parties.  My three obsessions right now are making decorative cakes, baking pies and hosting tea parties.



Brunch at Home

Do you prefer to dine in or go out?  There are so many great brunch places in NYC, but sometimes, it’s just nice to have a casual affair at home instead.

Recently, I decided to have some friends over for brunch.  It was wonderful – no long waits and we could stay and chat as long as we wanted.

I wasn’t sure what to make so I checked out President’s Picks for inspiration.  I can be notoriously indecisive so sometimes I just go to President’s Picks and make decisions for what I want to cook based on what’s on sale for the week.  That particular week had our Wild Patagonian Red Shrimp on sale.  I knew our seafood guys had just come back from checking out these shrimp in Patagonia and had mentioned how wonderfully fresh and rich they were so I had to order them. Plus, it helped me decide on serving shrimp and grits (polenta) for a Southern-style brunch. (More…)

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