Anna Kirsch

As the FreshDirect Marketing Coordinator, I am happy to be a contributor to a growing business that is such a big part of life in the tri-state area.  I look forward to sharing creative craft and cooking ideas with you, the FreshDirect customers.


Lobster Meal

Lobster Meal

Ed note. Nothing says summer to me more than wild lobster! Maybe it’s fond memories of family trips to Maine and enjoying a lobster roll or two.

In any case, getting together with loved ones is the best part of any Fourth of July celebration. That’s why I think Anna’s dish described below combines the best of the holiday: timeless memories and a great meal to enjoy with friends and family!

This year, I am taking my Independence Day celebration up a notch. Instead of the standard barbecue and beer event I usually host or attend, I was inspired to make a meal full of red, white, and blue!

My guests are sure to enjoy this new color-themed cuisine. To include foods of each of our country’s patriotic colors, I created this combination of taste and excitement: (More…)

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