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FreshDirect Summer Solution: 6 Easy Ways to Shop for Your Summer Share

Shopping for 12 and splitting the bill?  Feeding a share house can be rough. Just one evening’s meal can require a day’s worth of errands – picking up the seafood, picking out produce, and lugging cases of beer – meaning you miss precious poolside time. And then there’s the dreaded splitting of the tab, which usually requires you to have a math degree to figure out.

That’s where we come in. FreshDirect has all your summer share food needs covered so you can spend your summer doing your favorite things with the people you love. Before you head to the Hamptons for the weekend, check off these easy to-dos to make your weekend easy and delicious.

Use a FreshDirect Summer Share Account

Create an email address, such as summerhouse2014@gmail.com, that you can use for a shared FreshDirect account. Allow all houseguests to log on and put their must-haves in the cart. Designate one lead person to review the cart (to make sure their aren’t duplicates or errors), select a time slot, and submit their order.

Pay with a Gift Card

Don’t want to figure out who owes what to who each weekend? Instead, pool money from all housemates in the beginning of summer to buy a FreshDirect gift card to pay for groceries.

Check Food Allergies and Dietary Restrictions

Whether someone is gluten free or vegetarian, be prepared with items that everyone can eat. (Allowing everyone access to shared FreshDirect account will help with this!)

Assess a Head Count

Make a list of people attending and multiple that number by how many days you will be at the house. The result is the number of breakfasts, lunches, and dinners you will need. Add all those numbers together and you get your number of drinks needed. So, if you have 8 people for 3 days you will need:

24 breakfasts

24 lunches

24 dinners

72 drinks (1 drink per meal – you may want to up this number to account for snacks, desserts, and cocktails)

Buy Big

If that number seems like a lot, and it probably does, fear not! Buying in bulk will make things easier and cheaper. We’ve got meat, produce, drinks (and booze!), and more in bulk. Plus, if you’re hosting a party, we’ve got that covered too with our catering platters.

Be a Food Hero

On your way home from your epic, food-filled weekend, download the FreshDirect mobile app to place your order and lock in a delivery time for the following weekend. You and your housemates will be able modify the order all week long.

For more inspiration to help you celebrate this summer’s best, check out our 100 Joys of Summer!

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