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Peep Out Your Easter

Easter is rapidly approaching, which can only mean one thing… it’s Peeps season! The first order of business when receiving a box of Peeps is to eat the entire box in one sitting. The second order of business is to order more Peeps and then get creative. For every box we consumed, we decided to create one unique Peeps creation that celebrates the season. Here are some of our favorites:

Peep Vase
This makes a great centerpiece on your Easter table.

Directions: Buy Peeps to match your flowers. Line your vase with Peeps and then place flowers in vase. Do not put water in the vase as the Peeps will begin to float to top.

Peep Pudding Cups
Wow your guests with a festive dessert.

Directions: Layer dyed pudding  in a cup and then place floating peeps on top.

Spring Peep Greeting
Celebrate flowers blooming and Peeps peeping with a fun spring greeting.

Directions: Use Peeps to create a spring theme on white paper. (We used a chocolate chip cupcake to turn our Peeps into a sunflower). Take a picture and make your message into a spring greeting card or post the fun message to your social media accounts.

Peep Easter Basket Décor
Sweeten up your Easter baskets with Peeps.

Directions: Remove Peeps from package and get creative with decorating your Easter baskets.

Need Peeps? Get all your Easter essentials here.

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