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Impress Your Guests with Easy Carve Australian Leg of Lamb

Hosting Passover or Easter at your house and need a meal that will wow your family and friends? Our exclusive Australian Leg of Lamb is sourced from the town of Junee, located in New South Wales, Australia.  Junee is famous for its signature landscape of rolling hills where lambs graze freely on pasture. FreshDirect is the only retailer that has this specific leg of lamb conveniently available to you.

This tied leg of lamb is a convenient and delicious holiday favorite. Unlike leg of lamb you buy from conventional retailers, our Australian leg of lamb is a deboned so you don’t need to visit a butcher. It’s a lean cut, full of rich flavor, tender juiciness, and satisfying earthiness. This cut is also frenched, which makes for a great presentation and aids as a convenient handle for slicing.

No need to get fancy with prepping the leg of lamb. This cut will impress your guests on its own. Keep it simple with just a coating of garlic and olive oil or spice it up with aromatic rubs or marinades. Serve with any of our delicious pre-made sides for our complete meal. 

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