Easy Entertaining
Watch College Ball While Eating Exactly What You Did in College

We’ve all been there… the freshman fifteen. It wasn’t pretty, but it sure was tasty! We’ll make it easy for you to relive your glory days by eating all your delicious college faves. All you need to do is put on your alma mater hoodie.

Hot. Cold. We don’t care. Just give. it. to. us. Have you tried our Just pizzas yet?

How many wings could you eat in college? Come on, we know you had a record. We’ve got platters of BBQ and hot wings waiting for you.

Italian Heroes
Hero, sub, hoagie, grinder, wedge, torpedo… they all have one thing in common. Deliciousness.

We don’t have to tell you how good chips are. These bags speak for themselves.

Grilled Cheese
Because cheese and bread. Duh.

French Fries
We don’t even want to discuss what we used to dip these in.

Lo Mein
We know you had the local Chinese restaurant on speed dial in college. It’s okay, we did, too. Now, have our lo mein on your Quick List.

Glorious bite-sized pieces of cake. We love you. (We also love brownies and cookies).

Ice Cream
Doesn’t matter what flavor… We’ve got them all and we are eating them straight out of the pint. Don’t judge us.

Nothing better than washing it all down with a cold one. Cheers to you!

We’ve got all your March Madness needs. Show us what you’re chowing down on with #MunchMadness on Instagram and Twitter.

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