Behind the Scenes

Finn checks out his birthday gift!

Finn’s FreshDirect Birthday Box

Earlier this year while I was helping to launch FreshDirect’s new pet shop, I couldn’t wait for its arrival on the site for one main reason: his name is Finnegan and he’s my black pug.

The samples would come in and I’d think, “Finn would love this!” And my dog has very discerning tastes (just kidding—he would eat anything given the opportunity).


Finn pleads to have the box opened for him!

When my FreshDirect order arrives every week, he looks on with curiosity, circling the boxes and sniffing for exciting items. But last Sunday, his 4thbirthday (yes, I celebrate my dog’s birthday), he got a box all to himself.

When placing Finn’s birthday order, I decided to go with two types of treats and two new toys. He’d already rotated through any toy samples I brought home, and I could tell he was itching for something new and exciting.


Finn's birthday gift from our new Pet Shop

For treats, I chose Dogswell Breathies, Chicken Breast with Mint and Parsley and Greenies Dental Chews—both for my benefit as much as his. Finn loves to torture me with toys that squeak so I picked out the Multipet Sock Monkey and the Multipet Plush Lamb Chop(it’s time that lamb chop pays for the song that never ends!).


Finn loves his new gift!

When our delivery arrived, he was curious as always but after I set his box down in front of him, he was suspicious, cautiously inspecting. “Could it be? A whole box for me?” Yes, Finnegan, a whole box for you—it even has paw prints on it because you don’t know how to read.

I opened the box and displayed the contents so he could choose a toy. Lamb chop never had a chance…


Finn's all tuckered out from a very fun birthday!

If you’re looking to spoil your pet or just want to avoid lugging Fido’s food home, check out our new Pet Shop!

What’s your favorite product from our new Pet Shop? Let us know on the FreshDirect Facebook page or via Twitter!

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