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The Tot & Tonic

Cheers to the long weekend!

Memorial Day welcomes us into the summer season with backyard barbeques, poolside parties, and get-togethers galore! Be prepared to welcome your guests with a couple of easy cocktails perfect for summer sipping.

We find our spirits in Williamsburg, Brooklyn at New York Distilling Company. The distillery produces two brilliant gins that will highlight your cocktail hour- Perry’s Tot Navy Strength Gin and Dorothy Parker American Gin. Different botanicals and alcoholic strengths separate these gins stylistically while they share an artisan spirit of New York City’s fascinating historical culture.

Perry’s Tot Navy Strength Gin weighs in at 114 proof- the strength at which gunpowder would still light if soaked with gin- allowing richness and power in the glass. While some gins yield more citrus and floral elements these days, Perry’s Tot affords a strong juniper backbone with plenty of spice on a mouthfilling finish. I love this gin for the holy trinity of summer refreshment- gin, tonic, and lime. We’ll use Q Tonic as its touch of sweetness is the best balance for Perry’s Tot. Grab some limes and have plenty of ice!

The Tot & Tonic

Fill highball glass ¾ of the way with ice. Pour gin in to glass first, followed by tonic. Stir and garnish with a lime.

Our next cocktail introduces us the The Acerbic Mrs. Parker. Dorothy Parker is known best in today’s imbibing culture for her martini poem and was known best in her day as one of the most brilliant socialites in New York, with many quoted quips beyond “I love a good martini…..”

Like her legacy, the eponymous gin blends classic with contemporary botanicals to produce a bouquet and palate with floral notes, citrus, coriander, and a ripe juniper profile great for mixing. Our crisp, refreshing cocktail marries Dorothy Parker with fresh lemon juice, Cherry Heering Liqueur, and Rhum Clement Creole Shrubb Liqueur d’Orange. The gin and lemon juice provide sturdy acidity while the liqueurs add more dimension and the right amount of sweetness to the equation. Remember the fundamental objective in creating great cocktails is to keep sweet and savory in balance. This is meant for an aperitif hour or midday refresher.

The Acerbic Mrs. Parker

Fill cocktail shaker with ice and add ingredients. Shake vigorously and strain over fresh ice into a Collins glass. Top with Fever Tree Spring Club Soda.

Fill highball glass ¾ of the way with ice. Pour gin in to glass first, followed by tonic. Stir and garnish with a lime.

Have a happy and safe Memorial Day! Cheers!!

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