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Dyed Easter Eggs

Dyed Easter Eggs

FD Easter and Passover Traditions

Colored eggs! Afikoman! Glazed ham! Braised lamb shank! Whatever your Easter and Passover traditions are, embrace the old or start some new during this spring season of renewal. I asked my FreshDirect colleagues to share their holiday traditions with me so that I could share them with all of you!

Kim G, R&D: Kim celebrates by incorporating Greek Orthodox traditions into her Easter celebration. After her family breaks the fast at midnight on Easter Sunday, each person gets one egg and they go around tapping the ‘butt’ end with someone else’s egg. Whoever is left with an un-cracked egg at the end will have good luck the coming year. After the egg activity, Kim’s family feasts on all the meat items they had given up during lent. Then they go back to sleep for a few hours before waking up Easter morning and starting the celebration again!

Saralyn R, Flower Merchant: Lucky for Saralyn, her family and her married family have opposing traditions, so it’s twice the fun!  In Saralyn’s family, the youngest child hides a special piece of Matzoh called the Afikoman. Then the adults have to find it. If they can’t find the Afikoman, the child receives a gift! Saralyn’s husband’s family does the opposite. Since there are many children in his family, an adult family member hides the Afikoman and the children have to find it. The child that finds the Afikoman wins a prize. They continue to have a friendly discussion every year about which is the actual tradition!

Additionally, Saralyn’s family always leaves a full glass of wine by an open door at the end of the meal. This is for Moshiach, also known as the Jewish messiah, who they believe will one day come and bring with him a perfect and peaceful world.

Alisha A, Produce Buyer: Every year Alisha’s dad makes Matzo Brei! Typical ingredients include matzo, eggs, butter, salt and pepper. Alisha’s dad adds a little pizzazz by sprinkling powdered sugar on top. Sounds delicious!

Susan S, Catering Merchant: While Susan’s family is reading the Haggadah and they get to the part about the ten plagues, they dip their pinky fingers in their wine glasses and splash a drop of wine onto their dinner plates. Susan’s family makes sure to have the most delicious Kosher for Passover wines at their Passover table!

As for me, my family celebrates Easter and we have a few traditions of our own. Despite my Welsh heritage, my family always purchased the most delicious Italian Easter bread from a local bakery in my hometown. Sweet, moist and happily speckled with sprinkles, it was always a much anticipated treat! On Easter morning, we woke up early to search for hidden eggs and our Easter baskets. Even if we were travelling during the holiday, my mom would hide the baskets around our hotel room. Then we go to church for a wonderful Easter celebration. After church, it’s feast time with our extended family—glazed ham, potatoes au gratin, green beans with almonds and lots of sweet desserts!

Lots of traditions and good eating! I hope you enjoyed reading about our traditions at FreshDirect. Have a wonderful holiday, no matter what you’re celebrating!

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