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Perfect Food Pairs: These Flavors Are Even Better Together

Peanut butter + Jelly. Both ingredients are great alone, but they’re a little more special when they’re together.

In honor of the Valentine’s Day holiday, we asked the food experts around FreshDirect to share a few of their favorite combinations. What’s great on its own, but amazing when it’s paired?

Let’s start with a few of my own perfect pairs…

  • Gala Apples + Ewephoria Gouda: When you eat a gala apple slice with a piece of Ewephoria, it’s like eating a juicy salted caramel. Bliss!
  • Philly Cheesesteaks + Harissa: This one’s probably controversial to sandwich purists, but I really think a good, spicy harissa sauce adds the just right amount of zip to make a cheesesteak extraordinary.
  • Meyer Lemon Zest + Roasted Brussels Sprouts: I’m a huge fan of roasted Brussels sprouts, but there’s something magic that happens to them when you add salt, pepper and Meyer lemon zest. (Or really, whatever lemon zest you happen to have.)


Ken Blanchette, FreshDirect Specialty Foods

“You should try the Domaine Durban Beaumes de Venise wine with La Peral blue cheese and walnuts. So wonderful together!”

David McInerney, FreshDirect Co-Founder

“Ken turned me on to blue cheese served with honeycomb. Really great.”

Joshua Spiro, FreshDirect Supply Chain

“Hands down, my favorite cheese paring is cave-aged gruyere cheese with Riesling or Chardonnay and dried pineapple. The cave-aged gruyere has this funky/salty/savory thing going on with notes of pineapple that really come out when you’re eating actual dried pineapple with it; the dried pineapple is very sweet which adds another dimension to the pairing.

And I like to wash it all down with a Riesling or chardonnay. These whites are fairly sweet and blend well with the salty/savory/sweet combo already in play between the cheese and the pineapple.

The key to a good pairing is having all the flavors working together and complementing each other; and this pairing is a great example of the whole being greater than the sum of the parts.”

Kimberlee Gaylord, FreshDirect Research & Development

“Our 4-year-aged gouda with honey is so good, it makes me cry every time. Here are a few other thoughts:

  • Dried apricots with sharp cheddar
  • Chipotle with sweet potatoes
  • Sriracha sauce in chicken soup… or ramen noodles if I’m on a budget
  • Pesto on eggs


We’re clearly big cheese fans at FreshDirect.

What are your perfect pairs? Let us know on Twitter (@freshdirect) or the FreshDirect Facebook Wall!

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