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Mixin’ It Up for the Holidays

‘Tis the season for throwing holiday parties, and excellent cocktails add a level of sophistication to any festive gathering.

Creating your own cocktails, as opposed to using pre-made concoctions, will maximize both the hospitality offered to guests and the quality of the cocktail in hand. This doesn’t mean you have to spend all night as the bartender.

Check out these easy-to-prepare mixable matches for your next fête:

Double Cross Vodka with Fever Tree Tonic Water, Fever Tree Club Soda, Employees Only Bloody Mary
The silky, sophisticated expression of Double Cross Vodka will work wonders with the crisp and complex Fever Tree Tonic Water in a refreshing Vodka Tonic. Don’t like the bite that tonic offers? Make a smart and simple Vodka Soda with fresh lemon. Brunch parties will be perfect for the hedonistic pair of Double Cross and Employee’s Only Bloody Mary for a proper eye-opener.

Bulldog Gin with Q Tonic, Fever Tree Light Tonic
Bulldog’s subtle botanical regiment calls for an equally subtle tonic water. Q Tonic delivers a clean flavor perfect for a classic Gin & Tonic or a holiday-inspired variation. Turn your party into a “fiesta” by preparing your Gin & Tonic like the largest gin-consuming country in the world—Spain! This calls for Bulldog, Fever Tree Light Tonic, lemon, lime, orange slices, and some spices. Add a slice of each citrus along with a few sprigs of fresh whole coriander and star anise. Now THAT is a Gin & Tonic!

Elmer T. Lee Bourbon with Bruce Cost Pomegranate Hibiscus Ginger Ale, Employees Only Grenadine
This is a concoction that seems just about perfect for the cool weather. Combine two parts Elmer T. Lee, one part Employees Only Grenadine, and two parts Bruce Cost Pomegranate Hibiscus Ginger Ale in a rocks glass, stir, and add ice. The spiciness of the whiskey will be tamed and complemented by these sweet and savory mixers.

Sailor Jerry Rum with Bruce Cost Ginger Ale, Fever Tree Ginger Ale
Use these combinations for a variation on the Dark ‘n’ Stormy. Let’s call this a Light ‘n’ Breezy when we combine Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum with premium ginger ale. Either ale will work very well. Go for Fever Tree Ginger Ale if you prefer a crisp citrus edge to the beverage. Bruce Cost Ginger Ale will provide more bravado for the heartier appetite!

Glenmorangie Single Malt Scotch, 10 years old; Evian Spring Water
While we would not encourage consumers to pour their Single Malt Scotch into mixed drinks, we will invite dram fans to add just a splash (eye dropper preferred!) of still spring water to their favorite Single Malt. The addition of mineral water will coax more flavors and complexity out of your snifter as you sit by the fire and think about what a wonderful party you’ve thrown!

Check out our Be Your Own Bartender page for everything you need to make your own holiday cocktails!

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