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Vampire Bite Cocktail

Vampire Bite Cocktail

Spooky Spirits

Halloween is my favorite holiday! I had so many ideas, it was hard to choose just a few to share, but I prevailed! Here are my “Treats ‘n Tricks” for Halloween inspired “Spooky Spirits.” These cocktails are my creepy twists on classics that can help set a spooky mood for your Halloween festivities and give your guests something to scream about.

Vampires are everywhere these days from Twilight to True Blood, and they inspired me to create, The “Vampire Bite,” a twist on the modern Pomegranate Martini.

Treat: The Vampire Bite Cocktail



1)   Combine all ingredients in a shaker, fill with ice, and shake well.
2)   Serve in a chilled martini glass and garnish with a lime wheel or vampire teeth!

Trick: Adding pomegranate seeds to the drink can boost the flavor, and give a more haunted appeal to this spooky spirit.

The Bleeding Pumpkin

The Bleeding Pumpkin

The second cocktail is The “Bleeding Pumpkin,” which was inspired by FreshDirect’s move to the Bronx. This is a spooky rendition of the traditional “The Bronx” cocktail.

Treat: The Bleeding Pumpkin



1)   Take a straw and “dribble” the grenadine on the sides of a chilled martini glass.

  • An easy substitute is to just place a splash of Pom Wonderful juice (or grenadine) on the bottom of the glass.
  • 2)   Combine all ingredients in a shaker, fill with ice, and shake well.
    3)   Pour the ingredients into the chilled and, “bloody” martini glass.
    4)   Cut a thin orange wheel.
    5)   Cut a lime wedge in half the length-wise and then cut the top portion of the lime on an angle to get that stem look (finger limes work really well).
    6)   Put the lime through the center of the orange wheel.
    7)   Place the orange and lime garnish on top to create the ultimate Spooky Spirit.

    Trick: You can easily make your own grenadine by following these simple steps; it’s a fresh and delicious alternative to store bought sugary syrup.

    1)   Bring 2 cups of Pom Wonderful juice to a boil.
    2)   Then simmer and reduce by half, until it has a thick and syrupy consistency.
    3)   Add 1 Cup of sugar.
    4)   Stir until the sugar is completely dissolved.
    5)   Remove from heat, and  either use immediately or store.

    I hope you enjoy these Halloween “Treats ‘n Tricks,” for Spooky Spirits, and don’t forget to check out other Halloween Cocktail ideas from our friends over at Union Square Wines.


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