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Halloween Drinks

Halloween Drinks

Halloween Tricks for (Grown-Up) Treats

I love entertaining, so here are a few of my Tricks for (Grown-Up) Treats to take basic cocktails and bring them to a spooky level for your Halloween guests!

“Screaming Bloody Mary”- This is a great way to start off trick or treating, by kicking up this classic morning cocktail. For those that dare, you can add just an extra dash (or two or three) of Tabasco sauce, and a cayenne pepper salt rim (just mix cayenne pepper, salt and lemon zest) to really get your guests screaming.


Monster Margarita

“Monster Margaritas”- These are a great and easy option for entertaining. By adding colored salt (such as purple or black) around the rim of a lime margarita (you can even make your life easier and use a pre-made margarita mix like Skinny Girl Margarita!) or adding a set of fake plastic teeth, or “googly” eyes to the glasses, you can create a fun, dressed-up, concoction.

“Black Widow”- Take a classic red cocktail, anything from a Cosmopolitan to a cape codder, and add black licorice straws around the rim to give the appearance of a black spider sitting on top of the glass.

Spooky Sangria

Spooky Sangria

“Spooky Sangria”- I know what you’re thinking, but no, Sangria is not just a summery drink.  I think it’s even better in the Fall especially with the addition of our fall fruits that are great right now. Apples, pears, grapes and citrus take this classic drink from Summer to Fall. To make it a Halloween hit, peel the grapes for a spooky eye ball or even add fun items such as plastic eyeballs or bones to the mix. Make sure to serve it in a clear bowl so that everyone can see the floating appendages!

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