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Red Jacket Orchards

Red Jacket Orchards

It’s Local Apple Time!

I am elated that it is finally fall in New York City! Cool weather, fall foliage, pumpkin-everything and, last but certainly not least, APPLES!

As someone that is very personally linked to the apple industry, I am always itching with anticipation for the first shipment of local New York State apples to hit the FreshDirect loading dock.

This year, apples are in especially high demand due to their limited quantity. Unbeknown to many apple consumers, the crop this year faced unfavorable weather conditions. This spring, March and April reversed their typical weather conditions.

New York had a record warm March, which triggered the apple trees to come out of dormancy. Once trees awaken from their winter hibernation, there is nothing that can stop this process. Then April came along with its typical chilly weather and the trees went into bloom. Unfortunately for apples and apple lovers, there were 14 subsequent frosts throughout the state, and with each frost came a reduction in the apple crop.

Additionally, New York experienced extremely dry weather throughout the rest of the growing season, which means that the apples will be smaller than usual. On the bright side, they will be sweeter and more flavorful; the dry weather enhances sugar content, so the smaller apples will pack a big punch of flavor.

So what does all this mean for the apple supply? You will be able to enjoy your cider, apple pies, homemade apple sauce and the like throughout the fall season, but the local apple supply will not last as long into the New Year as usual.  FreshDirect will continue to sell you delicious apples sourced from the West Coast.

Make sure to stock up on Red Jacket apples, cider and juice! Red Jacket has been growing delicious apples in the Finger Lake region for over 50 years. So get ‘em while they’re fresh and enjoy your fall New York style—with a crisp, sweet apple in hand.

Tenley’s favorite apples: Red Jacket Honeycrisps and Crispins

Big Apple tip: Make sure to buy McIntosh apples Oct 30 —it’s the official apple of the New York City Marathon!

What’s your favorite type of apple? Let us know on the FreshDirect Facebook page or via Twitter (@FreshDirect).

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