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Surprise Birthday cupcakes

10th Birthday cupcakes

Do You Remember Your 10th Birthday?

When I turned 10 years old my parents threw me a birthday party and one of the games was pin the tail on the donkey. Remember that game? One of my friends spun another around insisting she was right on track to the donkey poster plastered on the door: “There! There! Pin it there!” she screeched. And so, my trusting friend pinned me on the shoulder with a paper tail and tape – I stood very still, looked at my mom in horror, and my troublemaker friend laughed. When my blindfolded friend removed her mask she was fuming mad.

Ten was a good year – what I’d give for those types of problems. A few minutes later we were off to some other game and later to giant slices of cake. I think Care Bears were the thing that year.

Well, as FreshDirect marks its ten year anniversary making deliveries I got to thinking about turning ten. I turned to my colleagues to see what they remember about their tenth birthdays. It seems ten is a definite milestone:

  • My mom made me a rainbow cake. I also got a new birthday dress. It was yellow and white. – Camele F., Finance

  • I had a surprise party! I remember earlier that day I said “ Wouldn’t it be cool to have a surprise party” but I never thought I’d actually have one. I went to school and after I came home and went to my apartment building’s multi-purpose room. I didn’t even want to go but my mom sent me to go there with my brother and when I walked in everyone yelled surprise. They had planned it all along. My mom had made these wonderful crabs. – Sam J., Enterprise Technology

  • I helped my mom bake a cake and I got so excited that I starting eating it before anyone arrived! – Yves Y., Marketing Manager

  • My parents decided to throw me a last minute pool party. Our land lord at the time had a pool in the yard and was more than happy to let us use it. We invited our entire family, we grilled, played games and listened to music. It was pretty simple but it was one of my favorite parties! – Martha B. – Purchasing Assistant

Do you remember how you spent your 10th birthday? I have to admit, it took me a few minutes to sort through more than a few birthdays to arrive on my the 10th birthday celebration… and then some fact-checking to make sure I was thinking of the right year. Those decade mile-markers are symbolic though… my 11th birthday? I really have no idea.

Did you know that FreshDirect turns 10 this year? Let us know how you celebrated your 10th birthday on the FreshDirect Facebook page or via Twitter (@FreshDirect).

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