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Challerhocker cheese is one of my favorite hidden gems in the shop!

3 Fun Finds in the Shop!

One of the fun parts about my job is that I often get to taste or hear about interesting products that come into the shop.

The first hidden gem comes from our Cheese market. The Challerhocker is a raw cow’s milk cheese from Switzerland. Its name means “sitting in the cellar” – and the 10 months it has been sitting there lends to its creamy, salty, acidic, buttery and nutty flavors.

It’s perfect to slice up as a snack or to melt gently on your favorite burger.

The second product is on President’s Picks right now! It’s the Sweet Red Corn, an heirloom corn variety that changes colors depending on your cooking method.

It comes in a pale pink color, but when microwaved, it turns into a vibrant purple (see this pic on our Facebook page!). If you opt to boil the corn, it turns blue and if you roast it, it turns maroon. What does it taste like? It does taste like corn – with a nice sweet flavor. With its pretty color and delicious taste, the Sweet Red Corn adds a nice twist to any corn salsa, succotash, etc!

Lastly, the third hidden gem I’ve discovered is our freshly-made Salsa Verde.  I love that there’s only 6 ingredients in this salsa (Tomatillo, Onion, Cilantro, Jalapeno, Garlic And Salt) and that it packs a punch! This salsa verde is bright and spicy. I like it as a dip, served with tortilla chips or vegetables. It’s also adds a nice touch to fish tacos or any grilled fish dish.

What are your favorite hidden gems in the shop? Let us know on the FreshDirect Facebook page or via Twitter (@FreshDirect).

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