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What's on your favorite Sundae?

Ice Cream Sundae Gets a Makeover

Rev up your spoons, grab your sprinkles, and get ready to deck your bowls, this summer, to give your ice cream sundae a whole new look.

Sure, by now we’ve all mastered the art of piling up fresh strawberries and banana bits, adding fluffy pockets of whipped cream, and sprinkling chopped nuts over drizzled caramel and flavored syrups. It’s all very delicious. But where have all the ice cream wizards gone? You know, the confectionery aficionados, the culinary brave hearts who mix flavors and insist it’s absolutely fabulous way before the spoon hits their lips?

I think I found some. I poked and prodded looking for adventuresome sundae-creators. I discovered they have no formula, no real filter, and sometimes no shopping list. They start with ice cream and often open the fridge or the cupboard and survey their surroundings for what’s good. Here are some of the better concoctions you may want to give a whirl:

  • Pomme & Circumstance. Scoop some vanilla ice cream into a dish and add a spoonful of apple pie filling, then and several freshly cut apple slices, sprinkle with cinnamon on top and garnish with a dollop of whipped cream
  • Just Plain Nuts. Chop up your favorite snack bar into teeny tiny pieces and layer it into different flavors of ice cream, add chocolate syrup and toss in different kinds of nuts into the mix, top off your creation with an array of crushed nuts

In the end, all these sundaes may be very different but they have one common thread – imagination. So next time, you’re thinking of something, give it a try on a small scale. Make a mini ice cream sundae and if you like it, build it up. The sky’s the limit (literally)!

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