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Lobster Meal

Lobster Meal

Patriotic Lobster Dish

Ed note. Nothing says summer to me more than wild lobster! Maybe it’s fond memories of family trips to Maine and enjoying a lobster roll or two.

In any case, getting together with loved ones is the best part of any Fourth of July celebration. That’s why I think Anna’s dish described below combines the best of the holiday: timeless memories and a great meal to enjoy with friends and family!

This year, I am taking my Independence Day celebration up a notch. Instead of the standard barbecue and beer event I usually host or attend, I was inspired to make a meal full of red, white, and blue!

My guests are sure to enjoy this new color-themed cuisine. To include foods of each of our country’s patriotic colors, I created this combination of taste and excitement:

Red: Amongst my friends and family, you can’t go wrong with bright red lobster!  To prepare the main part of the dish, I cooked the lobster in boiling water with a splash of lemon juice for 9 minutes. Then, I submerged it in an ice bath to bring out the red color, and to stop the cooking process.

White: Especially refreshing on a summer’s day is to pair the lobster with a salad. My main ingredients were white peaches and goat cheese. My salad was a bed of spinach, pecans, white peach slivers, goat cheese tossed in home-made vinaigrette.

Blue: It isn’t a holiday with a few cocktails! Blueberries are the star of this refreshing summer cocktail. I simply combined ginger ale, lemon juice, rum, and blueberries together for a crisp, festive drink!

This entire meal took only minutes to prepare and is sure to create fireworks at your July 4th celebration.

What are you serving your friends and family for the Fourth of July? Share your photos, recipes, and more on the FreshDirect Facebook page or via Twitter (@FreshDirect).

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