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Check your freezer for easy last minute appetizers like our Mini Empanadas

How to Prepare for Last-Minute Guests

Last-minute, your husband calls to tell you he just invited his boss over for dinner. Or that time when your friend from out of town shows up unannounced, and of course hungry, at your door.

We’ve all been there… So, how do you make sure you can take the news in stride and have something worthwhile to serve your guest du jour?

Just follow these easy steps to feed your guests in no time!:

  • Go nuts. Grab some bowls and fill them with different kinds of nuts, pretzels and crackers

  • Toast bread. Slice and bake toast to make homemade crostini – see what you have around that’s flavorful and inventive, some great things to try include: tuna, avocado, goat cheese, chopped fresh herbs, tomato, etc.

  • Raid the fridge. Got cold cuts? Use some of your cold cuts as they are, then see what you can muster with the others. Get creative, melon wrapped in prosciutto for instance, makes for a sophisticated and tasty appetizer

  • Watch the clock. Depending on the time of day, you’re sure to find some sort of signature drink. Whether that’s a great cocktail you know how to whip up or your signature homemade lemonade, when your cupboard is running low, a filling, caloric, drink will help your guests feel full.  Milkshakes and smoothies are fun, tasty, and so easy to make.

  • What’s in your freezer? Keeping an “emergency” appetizer or two in the freezer is a good idea, especially right about now. Whether you’re stocking up on Parmesan straws or freezing your own left over mini empanadas for a last-minute situation a frozen reserve section that you keep an eye on every month or two could help you out of a sticky situation

In the end, don’t underestimate how far great conversation can go… at least to tie you over while you manage to make something more substantial.

Need some more inspiration? Our Facebook fans also shared their go-to dishes for surprise guests:

  • “Baked Brie with apricots and rosemary”

  • “A burratta. Because I always have tomatoes, salt pepper and olive oil in the house.”

  • “Beer.”

What are your tips and tricks for last-minute guests? Share your thoughts on our Facebook page or via Twitter.

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