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Strawberry Bellini

Strawberry Bellini

Mixing Things Up: Summer Drinks

We’re back delivering to the Hamptons and Memorial Day is coming up, kicking off the start of summer. That means our favorite time of year is back: cocktail hour with friends and drinks by the pool (or, in my case, drinks on a Brooklyn roof while imagining drinks by the pool). Experimenting with cocktail recipes is the most fun you can have with a blender, and the best part is: they’re almost impossible to mess up. Seasonal fruit, juice, and quality wine—where can you go wrong?

So in anticipation of the season, I ordered our freshest fruits and my favorite wines, invited a friend with discerning tastes (just kidding, he’ll drink anything), and started mixing things up in the kitchen!

I’m not really one to follow recipes closely—which I think stems from a problem with authority, even in the form of recipe directions—so I added basic drinks to our One-Click Recipe section and new Facebook Recipe Finder. That way you can get some ideas while substituting your fruit and alcohol faves.

The simple mimosa and strawberry Bellini (using fresh pureed strawberries) both include variant suggestions directly in the recipe, like substituting fresh-squeezed juice or adding a colorful garnish. The tropical white sangria recipe doesn’t include variants, but it’s easy to change it up—add cubes of mango, use sparkling wine to fancy things up, or substitute oranges with grapefruit.

If you’re looking for a breakfast smoothie rather than an afternoon cocktail, here’s a quick and easy Blueberry Boost Smoothie. I used our new Family Tree Farms jumbo blueberries to add an extra kick, but both fresh and frozen blueberries work well. I like to add strawberries to just about any fruit smoothie, but the sky is the limit when it comes to amazing fruit combos. Add a little skim milk and honey, and you have a summer berry treat.

Whichever drink you try mixing at home, get out there and enjoy the sunshine, drink in hand! And if you have a pool, enjoy it for the both of us.

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