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Edible Bouquet

Fruit Bouquet

Make Your Own Edible Bouquet for Mom!

“Eat your fruits and vegetables.”  Growing up, I think everyone has heard his or her mother utter those words.

So for Mother’s Day, instead of flowers, wouldn’t it be fun to make a fruit or vegetable bouquet for Mom?

So roll up your sleeves, grab Mom’s favorite fruits, and get some helpers to put together these beautiful and delicious bouquets!

Fruit Version



Edible Bouquet

Vegetable Bouquet

Veggie Version


Making the bouquets weren’t as easy as I thought they would be. But with these tips, I think it would go much faster. And I think Mom will appreciate the effort. After all, they were made with love.

Edible Bouquet Tips:

  1. Work with a friend. Four hands are better than two for this project!
  2. If you are using a glass container for the base, use a piece of fruit to mount the display. It keeps with the edible theme and looks cool!  (I used cantaloupe, but any large item will do, grapefruit, melon, etc.)
  3. Organize the skewers; then put the fruit on.
  4. Cookie cutters are an easy way to shape the melon into fun shapes.
  5. Balance color throughout the arrangement.
  6. Veggies are easier because they are less juicy.  If working with fruit, make sure to wipe up extra juice so your arrangement doesn’t get sticky.
  7. Serve with dip on the side: yogurt or chocolate for fruit, and salad dressing or hummus for veggies.
  8. Have fun!

Do you make gifts for Mom? What has been your favorite gift to make (or if you’re a mom, to receive?) Let us know on the FreshDirect Facebook page or via Twitter (@FreshDirect)


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