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Orange Garnish

An Orange Garnish will brighten up anyone's day!

Dress Up Your Plate!

Ed. note: Growing up, my grandmother would make weeknight dinner meals so much more fun by making shapes out of vegetables. As a kid, her fried rice seemed so much tastier with carrot flowers.  So when our Marketing team member Anna decided to write this how-to on pretty, edible garnishes, it brought back such fond memories. Enjoy!

Whether throwing a House Party or entertaining guests, take presentation up to the next level with decorative garnishes on each dish.

Below are three garnish ideas that are simple, yet really add a wow factor to the plate.  And they’re all made from food!

Carrot Flowers

Carrot Flowers

  1. Carrot flowers. Peel a carrot. Then cut grooves into the side, to form a flower or star shape. Then cut thin slices and decorate the plate. Cut as many as you like.

    Cucumber garnish

    Cucumber Ribbon

  3. Cucumber ribbon with tomatoes. Use a peeler to peel a thin layer of the cucumber. Keep the skin on for a beautiful color contrast. For additional contrast, strategically place some colorful tomatoes. I used two colors: red and yellow.

    Orange Rose

    Orange Rose

  5. Orange peel rose. Peel an orange in a corkscrew fashion, keeping the peel in one piece.  Then coil the peel to form a rose.  Suggestion:  take it up a notch by adding another layer.  For mine, I peeled another orange, keeping it on one piece, but creating flower petals when the peel naturally broke.  Then, I cut out some areas to keep it interesting.
  • Tip for entertaining:  put something between the flower petals on the plate, like spring rolls or dumplings

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