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Local vendor Gotham Greens grows everything in their sustainable rooftop greenhouse.

New Sustainability Ratings and Greener Products at FreshDirect

In a city full of sky scrapers, concrete and congestion, it’s sometimes hard to remember that there’s a whole world outside our 8-million-strong microcosm. But we know our actions have a ripple effect and that even taking that split-second to put a plastic bottle into the nearest recycling bin can make a big impact.

Admittedly, there’s a lot more that we can do, but we have made vast improvements in our site, service, and product selection to help our customers buy greener, eco-friendlier products.  From environmentally-safe household products to local and organic produce, we’re happy to be able to provide you with more choices for your family.

Recently, FreshDirect teamed up with the Monterey Bay Aquarium to create our Sustainable Seafood Ratings, which supports healthy fish populations and ocean environments so that we can all enjoy seafood for years to come. Seventh Generation household products are made with “materials from plants, not petroleum,” and our baby section will offer a new line called Wee Generation just in time for Mother’s Day.

In the coming summer months, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania produce will be ripe for the picking.  While we wait for Long Island asparagus and Hudson Valley corn, you can take advantage of Gotham Greens lettuce and basil, grown locally year-round on their rooftop greenhouse in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Aside from being as fresh as possible, eating local produce reduces greenhouse emissions and supports the local economy.

Eating organic is also helpful too. For your eating pleasure, Earthbound Farms grows outstanding organic produce at their California and Arizona farms. Organic farmers typically use less water, less energy and no pesticides, so we’re continuously expanding and improving our organic offerings.

FreshDirect aspires to help make your split-second decisions even easier. So when you’re chowing down on Verlasso Salmon with a Gotham Green Medley salad on the side this Earth Month, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that you’re doing your part.

Is it important to you that foods are local, organic, or sustainable? What are your favorite “green” products? Let us know on the FreshDirect Facebook page or via Twitter (@FreshDirect).

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