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Re-purposed jars

Re-purposed jars

Bringing New Life to Everyday Food Containers

I love to craft so I thought it would be fun to re-purpose everyday items and food containers into new and colorful products.

Not only are these ideas a great way to celebrate Earth Day, but they’re also easy to do with kids and chances are, you already have the materials at home.

Take a look at my crafts below – you’ll never look at a jar, box, or egg carton the same way again!

Jelly Jar Pencil Holder – First, run the jar through the dishwasher to make sure it is clean.  For decoration I braided yarn and wrapped it around the top of the jar, gluing it in place to cover the threads on the top of the glass jar.

Sauce Jar Vase – A tomato sauce jar will make a great vase.  First, I made sure to run the jar through the dishwasher so it was clean.  For decoration, I painted a goldfish using nail polish.

Re-purposed jars

Egg carton golf ball holder

Egg Carton Golf Ball Gift Box/Organizer – An egg carton was painted white using acrylic paint and colored with permanent markers. This would make a great father’s day gift.

Cookie Box Drawer Organizer – First, cut one of the sides off of the box.  Then glue fabric to all sides, creating a decorated box, which could hold jewelry or desk items.

Bright Tube Gift Holder – Pink and green stripes create a festive gift box for small items.  This was easy to make using a cardboard tube and colored duct tape.

Cereal Box Magazine Holder – A cereal box can be used as a magazine holder/shelf organizer.  To create this, simply cut the box in an angular fashion so the contents are easy to grab.  To decorate my box, I collaged over all surfaces with blue magazine patches, glue and a collage sealer (you can use dilutes Elmer’s glue for this as well).

How do you re-purpose everyday items? Let us know on the FreshDirect Facebook page or via Twitter (@FreshDirect)…or better yet, share a picture with us.

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