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Our Produce team was in California, checking out our new Family Tree Farms blueberries.

Visit the Blueberry Fields with our Produce Team!

Tenley Allen is one of our produce merchants. She has the best job – finding the best fruits and vegetables for our customers! She’s currently really excited about the new blueberries that just came into the store. Recently, our produce team was in California visiting the farms from where we source to ensure we provide you with the very best berries available!

They’re bite-sized. They’re blue. They’re full of antioxidants and Vitamin C. What are they!? They’re blueberries! And not just any blueberries—we’re excited to announce the launch of Family Tree Farms blueberries grown in the Central Valley of sunny California.

Last year, when our team went to check out farms, we found this amazing supplier: Family Tree Farms. This farm really is a family business – they’ve been growing, packing, and shipping fruit for seven generations! So this year, we made sure to visit Family Tree Farms again to bring back the best blueberries for our customers.

After our cross-country flight to California, we drove out to the farms. The weather was mild and the fields were a beautifully lush green. We toured the facilities, including seeing all of the blueberries being handpicked in the fields. The best part, of course, was walking through the blueberry bushes and picking a few of them to taste!


Great blueberries have a firm "pop" when you bite into them.

What makes a good blueberry? They have to have a refreshing zest and a firm “pop” when you bite into them. And what’s special about these Family Tree Farms blueberries are their “you-have-to-see-‘em-to-believe-‘em” size. It was so great to meet with the farmers in California at Family Tree Farms because they really do think about flavor above all else.

What’s the best way to enjoy blueberries? Well, the easiest way requires no cooking or baking at all: grab a healthy handful and pop them in your mouth, one after another! If you’re looking for a little more creativity, you can toss them into your fruit salads, muffins, ice cubes, green salads, and fresh lemonade.

Blueberries are also one of the easiest fruits to freeze–simply place them in a single layer on a metal sheet pan and freeze for several hours. Once frozen, you can add them to your homemade smoothies all year round.


Blueberry tart

The bottom line is: once you try them, you’ll want to find every way you can to incorporate them into your meals.  These Family Tree Farms blueberries are available, from farm to table, right now!

What are your favorite ways to enjoy blueberries? Let us know on the FreshDirect Facebook page or via Twitter (@FreshDirect).

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