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The Yellow Chickie Martini

The Yellow Chickie Martini

Cocktails for Easter Brunch

Celebrating Easter with friends and family usually involves that Sunday sporting event many of us know so well: Brunching!

The Bloody Mary, Mimosa, and Bellini all come into play at the table whether it’s at a restaurant or at home.

Beyond these staples, many enjoy a nice cocktail as well so I present one of each for your imbibing pleasure: The Bronxville Bloody Mary (a version I enjoyed at an Easter party and consider one of the best) and The Yellow Chickie Martini (a Springtime cocktail that can be used as an aperitif for Brunch or the hot meal served later in the day).

The Bloody Mary has several incarnations and people will always tell you, much like their mother’s meatloaf, that their version is the best. This is not my version so I think I’m off the hook there.

This concoction belongs to Bronx Alehouse owner/operator James Langstine. While James is not educating his clientele on the latest microbrew beer to check out, he’s making one of the most delicious “bloodies” I’ve ever tasted. It was introduced at his Easter gathering I attended a few years back and it still reigns supreme (in my mind, at least!) as the best I’ve experienced. Serve The Bronxville Bloody Mary when guests first arrive and the rest of the day will be smooth sailing!

The Bronxville Bloody Mary

The Bronxville Bloody Mary

The Bronxville Bloody Mary



Fill a 16oz pint glass or mason jar ¾ full with ice and combine ingredients in order.  Add tomato juice last, leaving enough room for garnishes.  Shake well.  For the “full monty” garnish, skewer lime wedge, lemon wedge, and cocktail onions to float and polish off with a celery stalk and strip of beef jerky.

Our aperitif cocktail sings with a zingy lemon zest appeal that speaks to the Springtime feeling in the air.  The Yellow Chickie Martini is a lively combination of Karlsson’s Gold Vodka, Capri Natura Limoncello, and Dolin Dry Vermouth.  The earthy potato vodka and savory, herbal vermouth elements playfully balance the sweetness of limoncello resulting in a delicious cocktail that can be served up or on the rocks.  A Peep floater makes it all the more playful for the Easter holiday!

The Yellow Chickie Martini

Combine equal parts of these ingredients in a cocktails shaker.  For a richer/boozier expression, shake and strain into a martini glass.  Lighten the strength of ingredients by shaking and straining over ice into a rocks glass.  Last, break off a PEEP and float on cocktail for garnish.  Happy Easter!

What are your favorite cocktails to serve and/or enjoy for brunch? Let us know on the FreshDirect Facebook page or via Twitter (@FreshDirect).

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