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Susan loves piling on our Charoset on matzo.

Susan’s Favorite Passover Seder Picks

Gather friends and family and raise a glass before a table of delicious holiday foods. From charoset to  homemade dark chocolate and caramel-covered matzo, we have a few menu ideas for your seder table.

Susan Schreiber, Director of Catering, Bakery & Pastry at FreshDirect, gives us an inside look at the inspiration behind this year’s holiday happenings.

“Many people own their own Seder plate but many people don’t,” explains Susan. “So, just in case, we wanted to provide the plate and once again make everything — and then some.”

Susan says the Seder plate has always been her favorite of the Passover dishes because it’s so unique. “There are just so many symbolic items on there and the plate is beautiful,” she says. The Seder package includes a cooked lamb shank, a hard-boiled egg, parsley, romaine hearts, nutty-sweet charoset and fresh horseradish root… ready to unpack and serve.

“Every year we sell more and more charoset too,” says Susan. “I love it,” she laughs. “You just keep piling it on matzo.” The charoset is essential. It’s a tasty blend of Empire and Granny Smith apples, chopped almonds, dates, red wine, a dash of earthy ground cinnamon, and a touch of tangy lemon juice. “Every recipe us unique and we really have a great one,” says Susan.

New this year to FreshDirect, are homemade dark chocolate and caramel-covered matzo. “I really wanted to make sure we had something new that was a guilt-free snack during Passover when religious observers aren’t supposed to eat things like flour,” said Susan. “These crunchy and smooth, bittersweet, matzo do just the trick.”

“While we’re always looking to add new items, our customers come back for the tried and true,” she says. Our Passover meals include an entrée, a choice among of vegetables, side dishes, and desserts. Meal sizes start with portions for 4-6 people. “Our portions are really generous too,” says Susan.

Click here to view our nine delicious meal options; orders are being accepted now for delivery Thursday, April 5th through Sunday, April 8th. Please note: Our chef-prepared foods are not certified kosher however click here for our curated Kosher for Passover store.

What will you be serving for your Passover Seder dinner? Let us know on the FreshDirect Facebook page or via Twitter (@FreshDirect).

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