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Chef Tina

Chef Tina tests out her recipes (including salsa verde) for your #FreshDirectParty

Testing Recipes with Chef Tina for Your #FreshDirectParty

FreshDirect is getting ready for HouseParty! While thousands of people are still signing up (you can too – click here) to be selected to host a gourmet meal at home with friends (on us!), we’re busy in the kitchen, whipping up recipes and testing each one to make sure they’re easy to make and taste absolutely delicious.

Chef Tina Bourbeau is going above and beyond, stretching tastebuds and playing with ingredients, while keeping fun party themes in mind. There’s been some trial and error as we measured a teaspoon of this and a cup of that but practice makes perfect and we’re clocking a lot of hours into making sure your get-together will be top notch.

Some of you may kind of know Tina already. She makes your 4-Minute Meals and other fresh foods and you’ve probably seen her photo on our FreshDirect packaging. She’s a culinary powerhouse, fully loaded with information. Some colleagues and I recently jotted down notes frantically, as Tina created recipes from scratch and shared some really useful tips:

  • When using buffalo mozzarella slice it thinly and place it in a colander overnight (with a dish beneath it), drizzle olive oil over it; this drains unwanted water out of it
  • Whenever you cook, use a timer – you can’t go wrong; it’s your insurance
  • When chopping herbs, your cutting board should never be green when you’re done chopping. If it is, it means you’re chopping too much or you’re knife’s not sharp enough
  • When seasoning:  you eat all the sides, so you season all the sides
  • When making lasagna: try to make sure you have even layers of everything so that you don’t end up with something that looks like “a pyramid sandwich from the deli”
  • When using ricotta cheese, whip it till it looks like “marshmallow fluff” this way it won’t have that grainy feel

Our stomachs grumbling we watched Tina make salsa verde, pesto, lamb, lasagna, and mac and cheese. A true chef, Tina made us wait until everything was served room temperature before we were able to take our first bites. We waited – anxiously looking at each other (hoping she’d turn her back; no such luck). But it was worth it.

For more behind the scenes pictures of Tina’s recipe-testing, click here. If you haven’t signed up already we strongly encourage you to toss your oven mitt into the ring.

If selected, what will you serve at your #FreshDirectParty? Let us know on the FreshDirect Facebook page or via Twitter (@FreshDirect).

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