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Vanilla Soy Pancakes

Vanilla Soy Pancakes

Celebrate Mardi Gras with a Pancake Party

Mardi Gras (aka Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Tuesday) is upon us; if you’re gearing up for Lent, a good way to celebrate your last hoorah is with a pancake feast. I don’t personally need an excuse to eat pancakes, but it’s nice to know there is one available annually.

One of my favorite ways to eat pancakes is for dinner, so if you don’t have time for a Tuesday brunch, why not have people over for an evening pancake buffet? Starting with a basic recipe (such as these vanilla soy pancakes), you can churn out the homemade pancakes, and your family or guests can add their favorite toppings. It’s an easy way to have fun with the kids or bring out your friends’ inner children.

Chocolate chips and blueberries are always crowd favorites (inside or on top), but there are tons of other toppings, batter additions, and combinations thereof to help you start experimenting:

Topping ideas:

If you’re feeling ambitious, you can switch up the basic batter by adding ingredients for each round—the corresponding toppings will be an added bonus. Some ideas for pancake batter additions: chocolate chips with chopped walnuts, Granny Smith apple chunks with added cinnamon, orange zest, cocoa powder, puréed pumpkin (a tasty low-fat secret), or dried fruit (like cranberries or cherries—these also go great with chopped nuts).

If you don’t already have them, don’t forget to stock up on the pancake basics—your favorite kinds of sausage, bacon, syrup, and butter (light and imitation versions count, of course).

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