5 Easy Recipes to Help You Keep Your Resolutions

White Bean

White Bean, Red Onion and Tomato Salad

It’s the New Year! What’s your resolution? Are you striving to be healthier? Want to cook more at home? Or just want to try something new?

The easiest way to achieve these resolutions is to make small changes. I make sure there’s tons of colorful fruits and vegetables in my delivery. I replace refined grains with whole grains where possible. Instead of frying foods, I use Panko crumbs and bake them on high heat in the oven. Finally, I try to order at least one new-to-me item (fruit, vegetable, or grain) to try.

To help us keep our resolutions, we have also compiled a special Resolution Recipes section on our site. These recipes include lean cuts of meat (like skinless chicken), seafood, fresh produce and/or fat sources originating in vegetables and nuts….

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