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Sarabeth preserves

Give the gift of Brunch! Love these Sarabeth preserves!

Turn your Grocery List into Santa’s List!

Every year, I feel like my holiday to-do list keeps getting longer. Between baking holiday treats, visiting with friends and family, packing for my trip home, and buying gifts, I find that December just flies by!

This year I realized I could add a lot of gifts to my grocery list. After all, grocery shopping is perfect for the food and drink lovers on your list!  Here are some of my ideas:


Wrap these delicious PB&J chocolate bars in scrapbook paper for a festive stocking stuffer!

For a Stocking Stuffer Idea: Take a chocolate bar (our PB&J dark chocolate bars are fantastic!) and wrap it in scrapbook paper for a festive touch!

For the budding foodie: Teach kids to grow their own food with the Back to the Roots mushroom garden.  In just a couple of weeks, they’ll have their own pearl oyster mushrooms to enjoy.

Then I decided to ask the people who know our products best – my co-workers. From sweets to beer and everything in between, they came up with a lot of ideas that will surely satisfy anyone on your gift list!

Aimee S. (Sr. Marketing Manager): My go–to gift is the Sarabeth’s 6-pack. It’s a sweet gift with a little something for every palate.


Truffles made for a luxurious gift basket!

Jason L. (Produce Buyer): I like to make a limoncello out of lemons and Vodka. (Editor’s note: You can also make a lemon extract with the same ingredients for the bakers on your list!)

Alicia G. (Sr. Merchandising Analyst): I think a perfect gift would be a breakfast in bed theme! I’d give the new Keurig coffee machine that’s in the shop with some K-cups and pods. I also love Sarabeth’s 6-pack of jam with Sarabeth’s scones. It’s the perfect way to start your Christmas morning!

Tom S. (Union Square Wines): A gift basket filled with savory Urbani Truffles, Frenched Lamb Rib Chop, and a bottle of 2004 Fratelli Revello Barolo Vigna Conca would be my gift of choice.

olive oil

Special occasions call for exquisite Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Leitha M. (Director of Content Management): I like to gift luxury food. It never ends up clogging somebody’s closet after the holidays. The Castello di Poppiano Laudemio Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a really lovely special-occasion oil for drizzling, and it comes in a fancy box. Combine that with a nice wedge of parm and a baguette, and you’ve got an effortlessly stylish gift bag.

Audrey M. (Sr. Marketing Analyst): Hostess gifts come to mind: Our Chocolate Souffle and bottles of Fizzy Lizzy are perfect for any party. For brunch parties, Ronnybrook’s Mango Drinkable Yogurt is great!



Tomiko P. (Content Manager): I love food gift ‘baskets’. They’re inherently festive and the recipient doesn’t end up with the clutter of yet another “thing” to store away since they’ll be happily consuming the contents.  I often opt for a wrapped open box (shoe boxes are a good size) as the vessel since they’re easily broken down for recycling. Here are 3 gift basket ideas that will work for a lot of people on your list!

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