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Veg Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is filled with vegetarian dishes - like our Cranberry and Herb stuffing.

Vegetarian Thanksgiving Ideas, Recipes and Tips

When you come to think about it, outside of the turkey, Thanksgiving can be very vegetarian-friendly.

From appetizers to soups to (my favorite) the sides, there’s plenty for your vegetarian guests to enjoy.

When I get together with my friends and family for Thanksgiving, I also make sure that there’s a vegetarian main option. Instead of turkey, you can go the Tofurky route. I tend to make a vegetarian lasagna because it’s hearty and filled with seasonal vegetables. Two recipes I enjoy are this Sweet Potato and Butternut Squash lasagna recipe and this Artichoke and Eggplant lasagna recipe.

For the appetizers and soups, I like these 5 vegetable-focused Recipes:

When it comes to vegetarian Thanksgiving sides, the skies the limit! Here are 5 versatile vegetarian side-dish recipes:

Need more inspiration? There’s plenty of vegetarian Thanksgiving recipes on the site! And of course, there’s the Vegetarian Thanksgiving section in the store to help you with your holiday planning!

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