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Chef Floyd Cardoz loves making Thanksgiving feasts with a twist!

Chef Floyd Cardoz Shares His Thanksgiving Traditions

What are your Thanksgiving traditions? For Top Chef Masters winner Floyd Cardoz, Thanksgiving means getting together with family, watching football, and cooking a Thanksgiving feast that’s traditional with a twist.

I chatted with the chef, who created our popular Tabla meals, about what Thanksgiving means to him:

FreshDirect: How do you celebrate Thanksgiving? Who cooks in your household?

Chef Floyd Cardoz: I do most of the cooking. For Thanksgiving, I like to make something traditional but with an Indian twist. For example, I brine the turkey with spices like all-spice, chipotle, cloves, coriander, rosemary, ginger, etc. I make a spicy cornbread stuffing with ground beef, tandoori and chicken sauce. It’s my kids’ favorite! I’ll even spice up the cranberry sauce by adding in some ginger, orange, and star anise.

FD: What’s your favorite Thanksgiving food and side dish?

FC: My favorite food is roast pork. It’s like a pot roast made with white wine. For side dishes, I love roasting Brussels sprouts with bacon (of course!). I slice the Brussels sprouts into quarters. I first add the bacon to the pan, and then add the Brussels sprouts to pan roast them together.

FD: What’s your favorite dessert?

FC: My wife makes pumpkin pie and my kids just love it. I actually look forward to enjoying apple pie. I add a little dried ginger powder to whipped cream and put it on top.

FD: Do you take a Thanksgiving nap?

FC: Of course! It’s all part of the tradition: eat turkey, watch football, and take a nap!

FD: What do you do with leftovers?

FC: Leftovers are my favorite part! At the end of the night, I take the turkey bones and make a stock with them. With the leftover meat, I make a recipe inspired by my mom. She used to combine chicken and corn together to make a delicious sauce. So I make a casserole with the leftover turkey, corn sauce, bacon, and a bit of Tabasco sauce. I bake it in the oven and just when it’s about done, I’ll add some shredded cheese on top. I turn the broiler on so that the cheese gets nice and golden.  For the weekend, I’ll use the broth I made with the turkey bones and make a turkey minestrone.

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